Gundam Evolution doesn’t need Overwatch comparisons


Gundam’s new hero shooter, Gundam Evolution, is compared to Overwatch, and while there are genre similarities, there are more too.

Evolution of Gundam Looks like it will be a serious contender for fans of competitive shooters and esports. The game’s fast-paced, objective-based gameplay maintains momentum throughout matches and offers a range of famous Gundam mechs for players to choose from. All of this has been shown with Evolution of Gundam still in development, but the hype generated around the game has also come from a decent amount of Monitoring comparisons.

Blizzard’s hero shooter has grown a significant fan base in recent years, but the Evolution of Gundam does not need to be compared to him, in large part because a lot of Monitoring the fans are probably already Gundam fans to some extent. the Gundam the franchise has been around for decades and it’s unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. With model kits, video games on generations of consoles, and plenty of cartoons, this is one of the most notable mecha franchises to date.

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Gundam’s similarities to Overwatch

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Of course, there are visual similarities and Evolution of Gundam falls into the hero shooter genre, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be like Monitoring. As Blizzard continues to move towards Monitoring 2, some players might favor the new Gundam Title. The opportunity to compete with or with friends while piloting one of the legendary mechs might be too enticing to pass up.

The game’s six-on-six team format also allows for many options that Gundam players would like to use. This number of players is something that Monitoring 2 walks away from. While long-established teams may be afraid of firing a member or swapping friends, Evolution of Gundam would allow these groups to play together. This could be a major aspect of the game if it receives a full launch over the next year or so, as teams look for new ways they can play together.

The game will also offer several game modes, including a point capture mode like To watch, but others are not what these fans are probably used to. The destruction game mode seems more in line with the main bomb modes in Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter strike that one of the competitive modes in Monitoring currently. While Domination, on the other hand, is more in line with the Control and Iron Banner modes seen in Destiny 2 Crucible.

How Gundam Evolution differs

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Just as these modes differ, the playstyle of the game seems unique compared to Monitoring. Evolution of Gundam offers a lot more directional movements in its gameplay and on its maps. While some highlights from the footage posted so far may remind players of Widowmaker reruns with crisp sniper fire, the overall traverse and pace of Evolution of Gundam it looks different. Gundam can move on a more complete XYZ axis which is not as accessible to many characters in Monitoring.

These gameplay differences also lead to differences in the card designs. The crossing and choke points will likely play out differently, and the player’s consciousness will require 360 ​​degree thinking. Monitoring has done well with its styling, but the often limited mobility options are probably one of the main points that set these two titles apart. Right now, Pharah is the only hero who truly has the ability to dominate the airspace in a real sense, so while many of the comparisons may be well-meaning, they diminish these key differences.

Corn Evolution of Gundam has some time before receiving a full version. As the game continues to develop, we hope these comparisons with Monitoring, and more people will see it for the unique title that it is. This time, hopefully, will also include a few additions from other Gundam combinations. There is a huge list to choose from, and as the series grows, more should be added.

Evolution of Gundam is currently in development.

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