Grab launched the AHOBI robot to cover mid-meter meal delivery to a Singapore mall


We have already covered deliveries of the “middle mile”, but a new robot in Singapore covers what we will call the “middle meter”. Singapore-based delivery service Grab last week launched its AHOBI robot in the Payar Lebar Quarters (PLQ) mall to expedite delivery orders placed at restaurants inside the mall.

AHOBI, which stands for Autonomous Handling and Batching Operating Intelligence, is a large green rectangular mobile locker that acts as a food dispatcher. According to a corporate Grab blog post, AHOBI collects delivery orders from various restaurants inside the mall and autonomously brings them to a central collection point where delivery drivers collect them for delivery. of the last mile.

By hauling food from restaurants through those intervening meters to the central pickup point, Grab says it can cut delivery time by up to 15 minutes because the delivery driver does not need to head to. and inside the mall.

We’re starting to see more automation on the middle meters and kilometers for food delivery. QSRs like Burger King and McDonald’s are considering conveyor belts in restaurants to speed the movement of food from the kitchen to drive-thru patrons. And companies like Valqari are setting up smart lockers where drones can drop meals at a central location where delivery drivers or customers can pick them up. Using robots to consolidate orders in a large indoor space like a shopping mall makes a lot of sense.

As part of his blog post, Grab encouraged users to place more orders in the mall who would use AHOBI. The idea being that the more the robot travels through the PLQ, the more AHOBI will learn more about its environment and the better the robot will be able to move around the mall. Of course, more orders also means more revenue for Grab, which they could use to craft more bots.

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