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In an age where graphic fidelity is exceptionally in demand, it’s heartwarming to know that sometimes less is more, especially when you have the manga / anime type visuals of Wolf stride, a turn-based role-playing game with well-written characters, a gripping story and giant mechs fighting against each other.

Mechanical combat takes center stage in Wolfstride.

Developped by OTA IMON Studios and published by Raw fury, the game invites players into the lives of three former criminal partners, who inherit a junkyard mecha, Cowboy. With high hopes and perhaps wild optimism, the crew reunite to compete in the most elite mecha competition on the planet – The Ultimate Golden God Tournament.


Each member brings unique experiences to the game, whether it’s Mechanic-Dog Duque, Knife Leopard mecha pilot or Jack-of-all-trades Dominic Shade, players will be involved in various aspects of the journey of the team. More importantly, it slowly unfolds in a deep, slow exploration of the trio’s past and their inevitable fate.

Wolf stride can be broken down into two main parts, one being the management side of things and the other focusing on mechanical combat.

Turn-based combat in Wolfstride.

The first, which takes up the majority of the game, is where Shade can explore all that Rain City has to offer, picking up odd jobs and the like to earn money, and purchasing the necessary equipment to help out. the team to achieve victory. Duque helps incorporate upgrades, new weapons, or repair damage between battles, as Leopard prepares for the next fight.


Once you’re actually in the arena, a lot of success depends on setting up Cowboy beforehand. Are you looking to prioritize defense and angle for the best attacking position, or wear down your opponents whenever you get the chance to land the killing blow? Nature in turn Wolf stride certainly allows players to take things at a slower pace, while still providing satisfying mech combat.

However, it certainly doesn’t come close to the degree of challenge one might expect, especially when powerful gear is almost always available at affordable prices even from the start. As much as it is fun to see giant robots destroying each other, it may seem superficial to those looking for a proper RPG experience.

This is probably the result of Wolf stride focusing more on the story aspect, with some truly impressive writing that helps players appreciate the cast of misfits even more. The game certainly doesn’t escape subjective comedy, bordering on immature at times, but its commitment to the track always manages to get it through.

And when it’s time to deepen and examine the trio and the other characters you meet along the way, the writing strikes a good balance between conventional RPG plot points and presenting the vulnerabilities of the characters that are not only linked, but also enhance the impact they have. have in history. Dubbing performance is also a strong point to watch out for.

All of this is wrapped up in a gorgeous artistic style that will fit comfortably into any collection of excellent art and animation. Wolf stride It may have taken inspiration from the medium, but it’s also clear that the dev team has established their own style, which is eye-catching and pleasing to the eye.

Dominic Shade in Wolfstride.

Seen from a traditional RPG lens, Wolf stride is not exactly the best representative of the genre. There are elements of that kind of game, with mech management and turn-based combat, but the real star attraction is the story of the journey of Shade, Duque, and Leopard.

The character development has always been a pleasant surprise, the styling is top notch and his humor usually lands the punchline, just be sure to adjust your expectations accordingly so you can enjoy Wolf stride for all that it is, and not for what it is not.

Wolfstride is available on Steam for $ 14.50.



High on style and shining characters, Wolf stride is best viewed as an RPG-lite that’s a fun ride with great writing.

  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • Story – 8.5 / 10
  • Presentation – 9/10
  • Value – 8/10

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