FromSoftware website is now listed as “Armored Core” in web search

In an interesting twist, FromSoftware’s official website is now listed as “Armored Core” in the most popular Internet search engine, Google.

If one goes to Google and searches for the developer, their official site naturally comes up first, but it is labeled as armored core.

While this may be a mistake and Google is fetching the first set of their titles in alphabetical order, it’s still unclear.

The website has some of their biggest games/franchises listed in its top section, but not in alphabetical order, and oddly enough, its source code also listed them differently:

  • Ring of Elden
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  • Dark Souls Series
  • Armored Core Series
  • transmitted by blood
  • Uproot

Maybe I’m holding on to straws because I’ve always loved Armored Core and want it back, but our recent report confirmed that FromSoftware’s next game is nearing completion.

It’s also worth mentioning that company boss Hidetaka Miyazaki’s next game has entered development. In 2016, Miyazaki outright confirmed that he was developing a new armored core Title.

Years later, the most we got from FromSoftware is that they have no intention of ending the franchise, and a bit later Miyazaki confirmed that the game is still quietly in development.

A survey sent to specific users earlier this year hinted at a new armored core game in all but name, claiming that the new game is a “third-person shooter mecha action title”, and that Miyazaki was the head of the project.

The most recent game armored core the series was from 2013 Armored Core: Verdict Day. Nearly a decade later, most of the veterans who worked on the franchise have moved on to developing the new mecha ARPG. Demon X Machinawhich is now available for Switch.

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