Flagship intelligent mechanical ventilation AirMaster achieves Passivhaus component certification


The flagship AM 1000 is the first decentralized ductless mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery (MVHR) on the market to achieve certification. This allows the AirMaster AM 1000 to be used in Passivhaus school buildings.

Our time spent working with Edinburgh City Council (CEC) inspired SAV Systems to undertake Passivhaus certification. The CEC has set ambitious goals to achieve net zero by 2035, which has led the board to apply the Passivhaus design principles to all of its new schools. The basic philosophy of the Passivhaus design is to create a comfortable and energy-efficient building with a minimum of energy waste. SAV Systems had previous experience in the world of Passivhaus standards, having supplied Danfoss heat interface units to the award winning Agar Grove in Camden, the largest Passivhaus heat network in the UK.

Ventilation plays a crucial role in two requirements of the Passivhaus standards: air tightness and space heating demand. Openings in buildings, such as windows and porous building materials, can allow heat to escape wasting the energy generated by the building. Therefore, Passivhaus buildings have high air tightness and low heat loss. But by increasing the air tightness of a building to save energy, indoor air quality can suffer. Therefore, a mechanical ventilation solution is needed to manage indoor air quality without wasting energy.

AirMaster’s ductless design means specific fan powers are very low

AirMaster provides a simple solution when designing and installing ventilation for school buildings. External connections are made by two corresponding penetrations through the wall. With AirMasters’ ductless air distribution, no distribution ductwork, attenuators, air grilles or suspended ceilings are required, allowing for simple installation with the benefit of increased ceiling heights. AirMaster is therefore an ideal choice for new builds and renovations, especially when considering EnerPHit projects.

In addition to simpler design and installation, the AirMaster offers substantial energy savings. AirMaster’s ductless design means that the specific powers of the fans are very low. The AM 1000 can recover up to 90% of the room heat using an aluminum heat exchanger. This combination results in a reduction in the building’s thermal load and heat loss, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of buildings.

The Passivhaus ideals are well regarded due to their goals of ultra-low energy standards, awarding certification only to components that meet its demanding criteria. The AM 1000 certification provides an innovative ventilation strategy that improves indoor air quality without sacrificing thermal comfort. Not only is this certification exciting for SAV Systems, it is also exciting for decentralized mechanical MVHR as a ventilation strategy. With increasing pressure on buildings to become more energy efficient while maintaining comfort, decentralized MVHR solutions like AirMaster are expected to play a vital role in the landscape.

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