Facctum launches open access version of its flagship tool

Facctum launches open access version of its flagship tool

Facctum is a cloud-delivered anti-financial crime technology company and has launched an open access search version of its flagship product.

OpenStack internal messaging at the edge in depth evaluation

Fog/Edge Massively Distributed Clouds (FEMDC) sig is working on identifying howOpenStack can address new use cases where compute resources are put close tothe end users (Edge). In such context OpenStack’s control plane can be spreadover many different locations. As a consequence its internal management trafficcan go through a Wide Area Network made of heterogeneous and possibleunreliable network links. The session is about a study made under the umbrella of the FEMDC andperformance team and targ

CTS LP Chapter 4 Video 3 – USM Conformance Using GUI

The Open Group FACE™ Consortium – https://www.opengroup.org/face

The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium is a government and industry partnership to define an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types.

The #ogFACE Approach

The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Approach – https://www.opengroup.org/face/approach is a government-industry developed software standard and business strategy with the goals to:
• Increase the affordability of capabilities
• Improve time-to-field, delivering new capabilities to the war fighter faster

The FACE Approach integrates technical and business practices that establish a standard common operating environment to support portable capabilities across avionics systems.

The FACE Technical Standard – http://ow.ly/s6zW50Hba1Q defines the requirements for architectural segments and key interfaces that link the segments together. This enables the reuse of capability-based software components across different hardware computing environments. The idea is to avoid “reinventing the wheel” for every new platform system. It also enables rapid replacement of older software and insertion with new and improved capabilities throughout the system lifecycle. The FACE Approach is relevant to both enduring systems and future systems, including new system designs, system-level upgrades, and component upgrades.

#ogFACE Testimonials: https://www.opengroup.org/content/future-airborne-capability-environment-face/testimonials

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Where do we go now? Webinar launch of e-MFP’s Financial Inclusion Compass 2021 publication

Where do we go now?
Webinar launch of e-MFP’s Financial Inclusion Compass 2021 publication

A webinar highlighting survey findings on how the financial inclusion sector sees a post-Covid future

The global coronavirus pandemic has upended the financial inclusion sector. The challenges have been immense, and the full scale of the cost – to families, businesses, institutions – is not yet known. To understand the impact on the sector, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) conducts a yearly survey with a range of stakeholders and shares the findings through its flagship publication, the Financial Inclusion Compass.

This year’s survey looks beyond the impact of the pandemic and focuses on issues related to current trends in the sector and future areas of focus. In addition, a special section offers insights from respondents about the perceived impact of the pandemic, the changing roles of various stakeholders, and opportunities for “building back better”.

The Financial Inclusion Compass 2021 will be published in English, Spanish, and French, and we are pleased to kick off the launch with this English-language webinar led by Sam Mendelson, Financial Inclusion Specialist at e-MFP and lead author of the Compass series, joined by Antonique Koning, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP, Malkhaz Dzadzua, former CEO of JSC MFO Crystal in Georgia, and Noémie Renier, Head of Debt for Financial Institutions at Incofin Investment Management.

READ THE REPORT: https://www.e-mfp.eu/sites/default/files/resources/2021/06/FI%20Compass%202021%20Final.pdf

TM Forum Open APIs Overview

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