Everything in Far Cry 6’s Blood Dragon DLC


The Far Cry 6 Season Pass includes the Blood Dragon Set, which includes cyberpunk-themed items from the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon campaign.

Far cry 6The Season Pass offers plenty of content for players at launch, including the Blood Dragon DLC bundle that features new outfits, weapons, charms, and vehicles. The Blood Dragon bundle includes features of the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon game, also included in the Season Pass. Far cry 6 three DLC episodes are also included in the Season Pass. Players looking to outfit their version of protagonist Dani Rojas with cyberpunk-style weapons and armor need look no further than the Blood Dragon set.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon plunged players into a post-apocalyptic 21st century, where nuclear war between East and West had destroyed much of the world. Sergeant Rex Colt, a Cyber ​​Commando Mark IV, is dispatched to fight an army of killer cyborgs and laser-firing lizards that block his way to a powerful bioweapon. The blood dragon set will carry weapons, vehicles and more to Far Cry 6. where Dani Rojas can use them to take Yara back.

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The appearance of the Blood Dragon Gear Set, while unconfirmed, will likely resemble the cyberpunk theme of the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Game. It’s unclear if this outfit will make Dani Rojas look like Sergeant Rex Colt, but given the theme of the Blood Dragon Set, it’s possible. Players also receive an additional Fang-for-Hire, named K-9000. As the name suggests, the K-9000 is a robot dog, unlike other canine companions available for hire. Its appearance is also not revealed, but will likely be a welcome change from other Fang-for-Hire options.

Far Cry 6’s Blood Dragon bundle features weapons and vehicles

Far Cry 6 Crafting Weapons

Far cry 6 Blood Dragon Set includes weapons that can be used in the main game. AJM9 appeared in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Far cry 4 as a powerful 3 round round handgun used by Sergeant Rex Colt. The AJM9 could be switched to stealth mode and featured a laser sighting attachment. It is not known if the AJM9 will have these features in Far cry 6 DLC. Players will also have access to the Kobracon, an anti-material rifle with a 7 round magazine. Modifications can improve this rifle with semi-automatic settings, explosive cartridges or high powered scopes.

Omega Force was Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon main antagonistic faction, with many cyborg soldiers and futuristic vehicles. One of their vehicles, the Omega Enforcer, can be accessed in the Blood Dragon Set. The Omega Enforcer will be available in the Far cry 6 base game, giving players a decisive advantage over Yara’s dictatorial forces. To customize their unique gear, players can also equip the Killstar weapon charm and Blood Dragon Chibi vehicle, also contained in this set. The full list of what’s included in Far cry 6The Blood Dragon set of is:

  • Blood Dragon Gear Set Outfit
  • AJM9 and Kobracon weapons
  • Omega Enforcer vehicle
  • KillStar weapon charm
  • K-9000, a Fang for hire
  • Blood Dragon Chib Vehicle Chibi

Far cry 6 The Season Pass offers plenty of incentives for die-hard fans, with the Blood Dragon Set rewarding longtime franchise players. Far cry 6 The DLC episodes also reference past games, introducing playable villains with Joseph Seed, Vaas Montenegro, and Pagan Min. Far cry 6 is available for pre-order now, with the Season Pass available on Gold, Ultimate and Collector’s editions.

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