Ethical hackers are essential in the war against cyber terrorism. This training is the way you can join the fight


TLDR: The 2021 Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Pack is the ultimate crash course to become a cybersecurity pro – and have the certifications to prove it.

The New South Wales Department of Education was the victim of a cyberattack earlier this month, forcing the State Department to step up to have any hope of getting their systems back online in time for the new school term at the end of July. Meanwhile, up to 1,500 global companies are in the crosshairs of a ransomware attack on customers affiliated with information technology company Kaseya.

The war to stop malicious hackers from extorting money, stealing information and crippling vital data systems has never been more critical. With training in The 2021 Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Pack ($ 59.99, over 90% off, from TNW Deals), learners will learn how to wage this battle right through the doorstep of these evil forces.

This eight-course training course spanning over 60 hours of intensive instruction can transform out-of-school security novices into skilled and knowledgeable security experts so that they can not only spot and exploit weaknesses in vulnerable networks and systems, but use this knowledge to find and stop hackers. and repair sensitive computers before they become targets.

The complete masterclass course on ethical hacking and cybersecurity as good as All-in-one hacking guide: zero to hero can jumpstart your new career in cybersecurity. This pair of courses introduces the concepts, tools, and techniques for ethically hacking into exploitable networks and servers, then exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of accessing wireless systems, mobile devices, and websites with practical work in the laboratory.

There is even specialized training on how to hack and protect WordPress sites, as well as how to use tools like BitNinja to protect exploitable servers.

During this time, students will also gain in-depth penetration testing experience, using ZAP to test and fuzz web applications, automate testing, perform bug research, etc., while studying types of attacks such as authentication, session management, access controls and data stores. .

Finally, this package also includes a pair of key CompTIA certification courses to earn two of this organization’s most important certifications as a Qualified Cyber ​​Security Analyst and PenTesting Professional.

Each course in the 2021 Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Pack is valued at $ 200, but with this offer you can get all eight courses for much less, only 59.99.

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