DeepCool KB500 Digital Keyless Design KB with Linear Type OUTEMU Red Axis Switches

Deepcool introduces the KB500 ten key mechanical keyboard for gaming. The key switch is fitted with a Gaote OUTEMU switch compatible with CHERRY MX.

Equipped with a red OUTEMU axis switch which simulates the printing of a linear strike. MX CHERRY A switch with red axis characteristics, a push force of 50 cN and the ability to survive 50 million inputs. In addition, a two-color molded keycap is used, which mixes two different types of resin. The requirements are designed in such a way that the markings do not deteriorate physically. The keyboard layout is in English and each key has built-in RGB LEDs to customize the lighting. In addition to supporting simultaneous key presses via N key rollover, it has 32KB of on-board memory to store personalized information in the main unit.

The connection interface is USB and a polling rate of 1000 Hz is supported. The cable is 1.8 m long. 355mm wide, 127mm deep and 27mm high are the external dimensions.

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