Date A Live 5 confirmed: release date rumors

Date A Live IV was among the most-watched sequels of spring 2022. With about half of its original light novel to cover, fans are hoping to see more Shido and anime girls. But how likely is another season? Here is the latest on rumors surrounding the release date of live date Season 5.

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What is Date A Live?

live date is a multi-themed romcom anime that has mecha, harem, and sci-fi elements. It is set in an alternate post-apocalyptic Tokyo (Tengu City) and centers on a supposedly average high school student named Shido Itsuka.

Shido fits your typical nice guy bill. But beneath his kind and unassuming demeanor hides a strange ability that makes him capable of saving the world.

All Shido has to do is bring down earth’s greatest threats so he can embrace them and seal their powers within him. Despite the immense destructive power these female cosmic beings called “Spirits” possess, they are no match for Shido’s charming kindness.

Date A live I-IV all ran on the same plot of introducing Spirits for Shido to neutralize, while also closing the seams of the story as it neared its conclusion.

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Will there be a Date A Live 5?

Date A Live Season 5 – Where Date To Live V – is officially in the works.

Twitter user @SugoiLITE is a well-known reporter on anime scoops. When they tweeted about an apparently ongoing DAL Production of Season 5 Two days before the release of the last episode of Season 4, fans went wild, especially since numerous Sugoi LITE leaks preceded the official announcements.

Considering that the last season of the series did quite well with better reviews and ratings than all of its previous series, the rumor seemed like it would turn out to be true very soon.

As expected, the rumor turned out to be true almost immediately after the leak.

At the end of Date A Live IV Episode 12 on June 24, the screen showed the title of the fifth season.

Hours after the finale aired, the series’ official Twitter infocast posted an illustration of light novel author Tsunako, along with an official production announcement. Date a Live 5.

Date A Live Season 5 Predictions

Date a Live 5 will most likely cover Volume 16, the most sensitive endpoint of Season 4.

live date Season 5, if it covers the light novel from Volume 16, will reveal truths about Kurumi’s role in Shido’s life and the world at large.

Ratatoskr and DEM will be involved in a heavy confrontation which will then lay the groundwork for the story’s ending, which could be great material for a final season or another movie.

The live date The series has gained a number of improvements since the anime’s first season was released in 2013, including budget, production, and art.

Fans new and old have enough reason to hope for more live date seasons, like Shido and Tohka will end up together, maybe?

We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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