Credit despite existing loans


Not everything in life is always going the way it is wanted. Highs and lows alternate and ensure that we never get bored. Unfortunately, the ups and downs are not only about our emotionality but also about our finances. These also experience a constant up and down and sometimes require additional support. Also in the form of a loan, which always makes sense when urgent purchases have to be made. Then it can make sense to bridge the financial bottleneck with the help of a loan.

If a loan is needed more often, then taking out the loan can be a bit more difficult. Because every credit weakens the credit rating. If a loan is searched for despite existing loans, it may be that the credit rating for the borrowing of further credit is no longer sufficient. The banks would simply reject the loan application or attach special conditions to its allocation.

What must the credit rating look like?

A cheap loan requires a good credit rating. This has always been and will always be the case. Because the banks and savings banks have no money to give away and therefore look very carefully to whom they borrow their money. For you, as a borrower, this means that you must always ensure that your credit rating is at an acceptable level. Whether it’s your first loan or you’re looking for a loan despite existing loans.

You can achieve a good credit rating if you have a private credit, which has no negative entries, can show a fixed income, which is well above your expenses and also call a permanent residence in Germany your own. Your age can also be crucial when it comes to assessing your credit rating. Too young or too old is always unfavorable. Therefore, be at least 18 years old but no more than 60 years to have the best chance of getting a loan despite existing loans.

Where is there a loan despite existing loans?

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If you want to make borrowing as easy as possible, then simply take out the loan over the Internet. Use our comparison calculator, which presents you the best loan offers in real time without much effort and without the input of personal data. Just think about how much money you want to borrow and how long you want to pay it back to the bank. Remember always your existing loans and their term. Not that you end up financially and fall into the debt trap.

If you plan to take out a large loan despite existing loans, then you should always agree on the possibility of free special repayments and early repayment in the loan agreement. So you remain flexible during the repayment and can react quickly, if there is a better loan offer, which encourages debt restructuring.

You should also reconsider whether you do not want to combine all existing loans into a large loan. This would make it easier for you to repay, cut costs and reduce your monthly exposure. However, this would only be possible if a free early replacement was agreed for the existing loans. Otherwise, it may happen that the cost of debt restructuring is so high that no financial relief can be achieved. After all, you have several loans that would then have to be dissolved.