Cooler Master’s CK721 wireless mechanical keyboard works with PC and mobile operating systems

Even though it’s a 65% form factor keyboard, which leaves it small compared to some competitors, the CK721 offers big features. For starters, it’s compatible with just about any operating system you’re likely to want to use, including Windows 8.

You read that right: Cooler Master is purposely named to remove Windows 8. So if you’re one of the diehards who sticks with this operating system, this keyboard will treat you right, just like it will if you’re on Windows 11 or 10 (but not Windows 9), Mac OS X, iOS or even Android. No matter where you need a suitable keyboard, the CK721 will be ready for action.

Additionally, this little typer comes with an RGB key, wrist rest, and precision dial to help you fine-tune your typing experience more easily. It has pretty much everything you could want, as long as you don’t want anything the CK721 doesn’t offer.

The $119 keyboard isn’t out yet, so don’t even hesitate think to get excited about buying it. But consider getting excited about pre-ordering, because you can do so between now and its March 29 release. If you need gear right away and can’t afford to wait, check out our roundup of the best keyboards.

Cooler Master CK721 Keyboard

It’s time to get that tiny little Android and Windows 8 compatible keyboard you’ve been waiting for. For $119, all the utility of the CK721 can be yours.

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