Cocktails and Duckpin Bowling: Pins Mechanical Company delivers


A few weekends ago, the team decided to venture downtown to experience this Mechanics Company Pins that everyone keeps mumbling. It was Brandon’s birthday, and he was looking for a new place to celebrate. I’ve been hearing about it for a while now, but honestly that jaded Nashvillian you hear on every episode of The SoBros Power Hour makes absolutely no effort to travel to town these days (I’m starting to soften my stance on this. because I’m ‘I’m starting to go out and discover new pockets around town, but that may be a different story for another day). So, I hadn’t found myself in this part of the country before we made a concerted effort to try it out. Honestly, if it wasn’t for a special occasion, I probably would have missed out on hearing “downtown”.

All I knew was there was bowling, games and cocktails. Glorious cocktails. This part of the city is completely different from what it was many years ago. I was surprised to walk to the place and see what looked like an abandoned warehouse converted into a playhouse in a block that was completely forgettable the last time I was there. Vibrations were all the rage, but vibes were right. The decor was modern, it almost felt like you were in a New York train station or a San Francisco depot for the vibes of the east coast. But, we were far enough away from the craziness of downtown, that it felt a bit colder than most places you will visit in the area. I nodded, thinking to myself “okay, the pins. I see you.

As I walked in I noticed a good old fashioned crochet set – one where you throw a ring and try to put it on a peg on the wall. Old school, but fun as hell. Pro tip: These are the types of games that are always fun after drinking because they don’t have a long rulebook. We walked over to the counter and found out that the bowling alley is what they call ‘duckpin bowling’. I had never heard of it, but I was very relieved to learn that I wouldn’t have to wear community bowling shoes. The lanes (pictured below) were much shorter, the pins smaller, and the balls looked like soft balls. Being the fool that I am, I had to fight the urge to throw things as hard as I could. Luckily, my good side managed to appease my inner caveman, and I handled the game like the big boy that I am. We played two games – I got my ass kicked every time.

But back to those cocktails – $ 10 a drink for a quality drink is like a bargain in this city these days. The birthday boy and I tried old-fashioned maple, before moving on to The Dude (vanilla vodka, kahlua, rum chata and chocolate bitters). I settled on that one and had a couple (it was perfect for a Sunday morning (and yes, I was drinking on Sunday morning because I’m a degenerate)) before shifting gears and drinking some great #Tailgate base pumpkins. I spent a total of $ 80 (tip included), and it got me two beers and three tours for myself, plus a few other random drinks for the band. It is not bad at all ! Damn, I’ll take this.

A word of warning – Pins are not going to serve you food, but they gave us the go ahead to order whatever we wanted and have it delivered to the establishment. So we had Emmy Squared pizzas made and driven. We started playing pétanque (I got my ass kicked there too), and we got to our second game before the pizza appeared. After our pizza break, we finished the second game, in which I got my ass kicked again. Looking around I noticed a giant Jenga, a giant beer pong with dodge balls and trash cans, and a few ping-pong tables. We just didn’t have enough time to work everything, but it is impossible to be bored in this place.

Rows of pinball machines and an arcade room were available for more gaming activity, but we didn’t hang out in this part of the place. It felt like a hell of a place to chill out and watch some soccer too. When we were letting our food digest and finishing our last drink round, we ventured upstairs and sat in front of about nine screens showing all of the NFL action. It was awesome – the most fun I have had trying a new spot in Nashville in a long time. To learn more about Pins Mechanical Company, check out their website here.


Don’t tell me how to live my life, bathroom pins


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