Brisbane Rockers Mecha Mecha Are Amplified For What The Future Holds


Dark Brisbane indie rockers Mecha Mecha have released a brand new single titled “Grease The Hinges Part 1”.

The group consists of brothers Angelo (drums) and Walter (various instruments and singer) plus Isaac Vincent (violin, harmonies), the boys saying that artists like Muse are their “muse”.

Taking inspiration from their favorite rock art, progressive rock sounds with a touch of gothic elements, Mecha Mecha has created with ‘Grease The Hinges Part 1’ something they say they are not only proud of, but that they are working on. for a whole decade. .

Sitting with brothers Angelo and Walter, the boys discussed how the interlocking, musical inspiration and how with their mate Isaac created this soundscape.

“It took 20 minutes to write, then it took 10 years to write!” laughed Angelo. “It was a song Walter wrote a long time ago when he was under pressure to write a lot of songs.

“I think it’s one of the best songs he ever wrote, and then it took ten years to change it.

“We never felt like it was a song we thought was great, and now, after all this time, we’ve kind of come full circle where it was at the beginning.”

“We actually tore it in half,” Walter interjects. ” We did it ! We added another half of the song in there! “

“We never wanted to be one of those bands that have ‘part one’ and ‘part two’ versions of songs, because we don’t write prog, but it just happened,” Angelo adds. about the creative process behind ‘Grease Les hnières part 1’.

“There were so many parts to that song; we took an entire section out of it and it just became another song, so expect the second part in the near future.”

Letting go with that sound, a new digital production and breaking down restrictive walls, the new song and upcoming work from Mecha Mecha features some amazing synth sounds and a solo from Isaac that has been dubbed “Don’t to lack”.

With Mecha Mecha able to modestly name more than 20 people who are to be thanked for their help in shaping the song, the brothers say that “Grease The Hinges Part 1” is something very special for the band.

“Twenty-five people probably worked on music and video [clip], and we had help from people in other groups, ”says Walter.

“Just a lot of outside help and it really shows in this room because it’s so big. It’s bigger than what we would normally be able to achieve.”

And with their recently released new music video, Walter and Angelo explain how they let themselves go completely, resulting in a production that is more dramatic and theatrical than ever before.

The process was as important to the band as the end result, and they are excited to show off their new all-digital live setup.

“We’ve upgraded our live platform to be a lot more professional. People can expect to hear replicated studio sounds, we’ve gone digital so the sound quality is much clearer.

“This song features an electric violin put into a guitar amp with a bass without an electric guitar. It gives us that unique sound, a bit taken from ’90s style bands,” says Walter.

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