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The following is a guest article by Missy Oveson.

The Robotech: Homefront Kickstarter supplement was launched and hit its fundraising goal on October 19. The supplement brings the fun of exploring and surviving Earth after the infested world of Invid. You can also play as the slug people, Invid, or the Tirolians, the race of Robotech Masters.

Recently, I was able to play this new supplement with my usual role-playing group. When I was preparing the one-shot for my review, I asked a creator, Bryan Young, what he recommended that I conduct for my band. He recommended that I start something involving Invid because he really enjoyed how Invid changed the Earth and what humans had to do to survive. I ended up having my group infiltrate an infested area of ​​Invid to obtain a mecha, which had been shot, for the Southern Cross Army. My group is the type to charm, intimidate and think of clever solutions to solve problems rather than going into a fight. They enjoyed playing with their small team of heroes to survive their mission through smart thinking and teamwork. The game was straightforward for the group with a system that only used six-sided dice. We had a few sticky successes where the character did what he intended to do, but lost something in the process, like the ability to close a door behind him after opening it.

This supplement is a great addition to the Robotech RPG for groups interested in role-playing, exploration, or just fans of the original Robotech. I wouldn’t recommend it for players who are more interested in hard core mecha fights though. There are other systems that play better with this, but Robotech does an amazing job making role play and teamwork the fun of the game.

You can still return this Kickstarter until November 2, 2021. Additional funds are now going to include more art for the book of new gear, mecha, races and ships. Through the Kickstarter, you can get exclusive cover for your book, which will have very limited availability once the Kickstarter is over. The supplement requires the base game, but you can purchase the game as an addon from the Kickstarter in either cardboard or PDF format. Other fun addons include dice, artwork, pins, and the possibility of Bryan Young bringing you into the world of Robotech.

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