Best love triangles in the anime

Love stories are often a dramatic roller coaster, filled with characters discovering things about themselves and loved ones that they had never even considered before. These complicated stories get even more complex and exciting when you throw another affection vying party – a love triangle. There are a lot of great love triangles in the anime, and if you’re looking for a good one, here are three that any fan of the trope should check out.

Re: ZERO -Start life in another world-


First of all is Re: ZERO -Start life in another world-, a fantastic series from isekai with a great storyline and a beating heart in the center. He follows Subaru Natsuki, a teenager who is mysteriously transported to the world of Lugunica where he discovers new powers, old evils, and plans on a global scale. Twists abound, which is entertaining in itself, but the real appeal of the story comes from the huge cast of characters that Subaru meets along the way. They range from immortal witches to hapless merchants, but whatever their fate in life, Subaru strives to meet them wherever they are and we learn a lot about them as a result. Throughout the show’s first season, Subaru is a kind but self-defeating person. He goes out of his way to help the people of Lugunica, often at his own expense, earning him a few followers, but the series makes it clear that it’s not a sustainable way of life. The two allies that have the most impact on Subaru, and the show as a whole, are the crush on Subaru – the half-elf Emilia – and the amorous demonic maiden Rem, who along with Subaru make up Re: ZEROthe central love triangle.


They have a compelling dynamic because each of them has something the other wants and needs, and the decision Subaru must make between them represents a broader choice for his development as a character. Rem is a soft-spoken girl who at first can’t stand Subaru’s seemingly undeserved self-confidence and rowdy personality, but ends up finding inspiration in her selflessness. To contrast this, Emilia is a willful woman who easily befriends the outgoing Subaru, but is put off by the way he tries to fit into every problem he encounters. This ends up creating an interesting thematic dilemma for Re: ZERO; Rem forces him to challenge himself in order to earn his respect, while Emilia asks him to see where the lines lie between helping and doing everything for him. The push and pull between Subaru’s desire to help and the need to make sure the people he loves are able to forge their own path, while also ensuring that Subaru finds a healthy balance within itself. , is at the heart of their love triangle as well as being the central theme of the show itself, making them a compelling trio to follow.



Next is the long-running sports drama Chihayafuru. In this, the protagonist Chihaya falls in love with a unique card game called “karuta”, a kind of matching game in which one reader recites the first half of a poem while both players, who have cards laid out between them with the second half of various poems written, try to find and hit the card that matches the poem read before their opponent can. The story follows her journey with the game, honing her skills and becoming a brilliant karuta player, building both her career and the club she founded in her high school. Her story begins, however, when she first learns about the game, being taught to her by her friends Taichi and Arata. Although it starts out fairly simple, with the kids bonding with play, their relationship with karuta – and between them – evolves over time, as does their feelings for each other. Their mutual respect, skills and emotions are the glue that makes this love triangle fascinating and exciting to watch unfold.

Chihaya begins her journey simply desiring to finally have a hobby that she can call her own, and as she grows up, that hobby becomes a larger goal – to become the best player, or the “Queen”. – which she pursues relentlessly. His determination becomes a source of both admiration and frustration for his friends Arata and Taichi, inspiring each of them to become the best version of themselves in different ways. Arata has always been a karuta prodigy, but when he becomes exhausted after the death of his grandfather, it is Chihaya’s passion that reignites his interest in competing – and gives him the confidence to express his love. in Chihaya. Taichi, on the other hand, is a smart, athletic boy who could pursue whatever he wanted but who is interested in karuta on the surface first because he wants to hang out with Chihaya. Over time, however, he finds his own passion after being inspired by Chihaya and Arata, becoming confident in his abilities, which makes him wonder how ready he is for the relationship he wants with Chihaya who lasts. ‘started down this path in the first place. Through this development, Arata and Taichi come to recognize each other as rivals in love and play, which creates another interesting dynamic as the growing respect the trio have for each other ironically makes their relationship. more complicated and tense. Chihayafuru is a remarkably mature romance that continually evolves in a way that feels grounded and interesting while making perfect use of the central vanity of the story.

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Macross More


Finally, the inspiration for this list and one of the best love triangles not only in the anime but of all time, we have Shinichiro watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto90s masterpiece Macross More. The first canon sequel to the classic ’80s mecha show Macross, Macross More follows three decades later as two talented pilots are recruited to test new transformative fighter jets on a colony called Eden. The pilots in question are actually old friends, hotshot Isamu and his cold-blooded school pal Guld. As the two participate in these tests, the latest member of their childhood trio Myung is also landing on Eden as part of her tour promoting the most popular singer in space, virtual popstar Sharon Apple. While the public thinks Sharon Apple is a fully functional AI, the truth is that she still needs some outside input, in this case emotions provided by her creator Myung; Meanwhile, Isamu and Guld discover that the fighters they are testing are, in fact, AI-controlled planes meant to eliminate the need for living pilots. It’s a remarkably forward-thinking story that reflects many ways technology has evolved since its release and accurately predicts how society would react to those kinds of developments.

At the center of it all, however, are the three old friends who reunite again, unearthing old joys and pains they long thought were buried, uncovering new truths about themselves and each other in course. Isamu’s free spirit, which is often undisputed as the mark of a hero in stories like this, is clearly presented as being both the source of his skills in his job and his appeal as a friend and lover, but also a detriment when it comes to the most fragile and intimate parts of life. Likewise, Guld is a strong and loving man, a reliable base in times of trouble, but his overly protective nature often prevents him from allowing the people in his life to thrive on their own without feeling the need to intervene. in one way or another. Myung, as the center of this triangle, doesn’t have so much a romantic “choice” between these two men as she is forced to consider the very different ways in which her friends reflect her needs and wants. Neither is presented as the “correct” partner for her, as much as the different ways she might choose for her life at an important time, and Myung’s happiness is always placed as the most important thing. most important in history. All three go through complicated emotional journeys as they are forced to reflect on the actions and events that they have avoided for years, and in the end, they have all fully achieved arcs that make Macross MoreThe romance is remarkably satisfying.

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