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Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril opens with a cinematic starring Timmy – the character you’ll be playing as – and his classmate Chester. They both attend school at the Disch Research Facility, go through a very competitive combat training schedule, and have just passed their final exams. Timmy doesn’t seem to be doing as well as he wanted, but Chester is top of the class. Dr. Byers calls Chester on the intercom to come down to his office. She tells him that he did very well on the test but accuses him of cheating and states that in Disch they don’t tolerate cheating. as a result, she kicks Chester out of the program. He is distraught and full of anger, and declares that he is the best and always will be. We see a creepy guy with no name say “He will be really perfect!” “Hahaha!” I guess that’s a diabolical cackle!

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A few months later, we see Chester again; this time he is not a student, he attacks the research facility to steal a weapon to use for his Mecha. Timmy has worked with Dr. B and receives a communicator, a combat suit – which can be green or hot pink depending on the difficulty you selected – and a Mega Man-blaster-style. Now it’s up to Timmy, who’s been tasked with trying to stop this Humongous Mecha from being built. To do this, he will have to pass through the Fortress of Il’Akab, also known as the Fortress of Peril due to the many traps and defenses in place.

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Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril is a homebrew platform game created in 2010 by developer Sivak Games. It was released via Retrozone and was originally only available for purchase on a physical NES cartridge, which was fine if you’re a big retro fan like me and have an old console sitting around. If not, now is your chance to experience all the great 8-bit retro goodness that Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril has to offer on Xbox One and X|S.

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Since Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril was developed to be played on a classic console, we must keep this in mind when playing. An eight-character password system is used to proceed – unless you’ve chosen a harder difficulty level that has no sequel. There are over 550 rooms to explore and challenge with a roster of over 30 enemy types and eight other main bosses standing in your way; be sure to keep some paper nearby or a cell phone to take a picture of the password to get back to where you left off. The game has glowing checkpoints spread all over the area, which is great because not only does it give you a new password, but it also replenishes your health. There are no other bonuses to collect for health refills, so you will come to rely on these points!

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Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril feels like a mega man game in many ways, but there are a lot of differences to make it unique. On the control side, I love that when you jump, Timmy sticks the landing! You don’t have to worry about slipping on the blocks at all. It was nice to have a solid jump! You will have to fight bosses during your travels but you will not acquire a new weapon. Instead, you’ll find various power-ups as you explore levels, such as the High Jump item which increases your maximum jump height. Make sure that when you find a new ability, you return to the checkpoint to get an updated password so you don’t have to find it. It’s incredibly useful when you get the device that keeps track of your location coordinates. I found it helpful to keep notes on obstacles I couldn’t get over yet – like areas where I needed to jump higher, etc. – because that way I knew where to go once I had that ability and didn’t waste time trying to figure out where it was.

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This game looks like a classic 8-bit platformer like the mega man titles – because it is, I guess – and with the look it also has great sounding music that is super catchy and never gets boring. Even with the difficulty set to easy, the game is still challenging, especially when you get to areas with disappearing evil blocks that you might remember from the Ice Man stage in the original. mega maneven that same sound effect you’ve been dreading makes an appearance!

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With a huge amount of stages to go through and a variety of bosses and enemies to fight, Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril will challenge you and keep you busy for a long time! Since I played easy mode just to get the pink outfit, I’ll definitely try it on a harder difficulty, challenging myself and seeing if I can complete the game with fewer deaths and in a shorter period of time. If you like NES-style platforming, or if you like the mega man titles like me, you gotta check Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril! I can’t wait to discover the other games in the series!

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