Banyan closes Series A for item-level receipt data platform

Banyan closes Series A for item-level receipt data platform

Banyan, which is democratising access to item-level receipt data, has raised $43m in its Series A funding round, led by Fin Capital and M13.

Webinar: Automate your ecommerce management with Webgility | QuickBooks Enterprise

Here’s how Webgility and Enterprise can work harder for your ecommerce business.

You’ll learn more about:
Setting how frequently ecommerce order data will sync to QuickBooks
Handling updates to your inventory and pricing
Seeing when inventory or orders are out of sync, and making corrections

In this video:
0:00 Intro to today’s webinar and speakers: Marjorie Adams, CEO of Fourlane, and Zach Smith, Senior Account Executive at Webgility
4:00 Using the Webgility Scheduler to set how often your system will download orders from your ecommerce channels, and how often it will post the orders to QuickBooks Enterprise.
4:50 Why and how to set pre-conditions for status of orders to be downloaded and posted
5:54 Discussion on how the most suitable syncing frequency for a business depends on multiple factors, like its data needs and its sales outside of QuickBooks
9:03 Two-way inventory syncing: QuickBooks quantities reflect ecommerce sales, and Webgility quantities reflect all other sales and added inventory
11:00 Using the Out of Sync Products manual view, you can see which inventory items are out of sync and choose how to synchronize the data
12:04 Up-to-date quantities on ecommerce channels can help drive your customers’ purchase decisions
13:44 Using automation rules to sync quantities by channel and item
17:39 Choosing quantity on hand versus quantity available per channel, in product sync settings
19:46 What to do when you have a new product: product transfers, A/B testing, new offerings, bundles
24:37 The importance of managing costs in ecommerce by eliminating extra steps
25:26 Whether to sync pricing, and how to manage automation of pricing updates
32:47 Order errors – their function, how they happen, and how to review and alleviate them
35:45 The “Undo Sync”button and how it’s useful
36:44 Discussion about how businesses can use an ecommerce workflow even if they don’t have inventory
38:12 Ask questions of your technology partners – it can help drive your growth

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QuickBooks Desktop for Inventory (Manufacturing & Wholesale) – Part 1 or 8

The whole 8-part series costs $300, use this link to purchase:

Part 1 Table of Contents:
00:00:00 Introduction to this course 8-part series
00:07:10 Comparing QuickBooks Desktop Versions (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) with Inventory features
00:25:10 Basic Inventory Purchase and Sales Workflow
00:55:20 Bill of Materials and Inventory Assemblies
01:07:55 Inventory Valuation Issues
01:23:46 Comparing Avg. Cost with FIFO Cost Valuation
01:53:17 How to have access to parts 2 to 8 of this series


The whole 8-part series costs $300, use this link to purchase:

Twittertainment, Proof-of-Reserves, startup social media plan + interview w/ Jehan Luth of Banyan

This week’s pod ep is another Partner Meeting + guest interview combo.

Here’s what we cover during the Partner Meeting segments:

– Twitter and our thoughts on the situation
– An update on the continued FTX fallout and how classic crypto principles like Proof-of-Reserves and self custody could help us avoid similar situations in the future
– G20 summit
– Domestic midterm elections and potential ways a gridlocked gov might affect the economy
– Startup Advice of the Week: social media strategies for startups

After the partner meeting segments I chat with Jehan Luth, Founder & CEO Banyan. Banyan is a global infrastructure company for item-level receipt data that allows its partners to enrich transactions. This is a super interesting topic that led to some great tangents about how new tech enabled data collection will unlock a whole world of studies and possibilities.

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How to build Power Automate Approval Workflows for SharePoint | Step by Step Tutorial

Step by Step Power Automate Approval tutorial video that covers how to build Approval flows for SharePoint lists, dynamically define flow approvers, keep track of Approval History, set item level permissions for SharePoint List Item & provide users the ability to re-submit (re-trigger) the approval process.
Keeping Item Permissions in mind when Building Power Automate Approval Workflows with SharePoint is Key!
Scenario in video is an Expense Report application in SharePoint where users log expense details & we have a Power Automate Approval Process that secures the SharePoint item under approval (read-only) while the approval process is on-going.
The approval technique showcased in video also works with SharePoint Document Libraries.

Topics covered with example:
✔️ Get started with Building Power Automate Approval Flows
✔️ Dynamic approvers selection for flow approvals
✔️ Flow Approval Status Indicator
✔️ Flow Approval History Logging & Tracking
✔️ Flow Approval + SharePoint Security
✔️ Re-trigger Approval Workflow

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Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction to building Power Automate approval flows with SharePoint Lists (item permissions)
00:50 – Setting up SharePoint List for Power Automate Approvals
02:07 – Step-by-Step tutorial to build approval workflows in Power Automate
03:51 – Set Assigned To for start and wait for an approval action dynamically
05:23 – Check approval outcome and perform SharePoint list update item for Status column
06:40 – Log flow approval history information to SharePoint Multi Lines of Text (Rich Text) column
09:01 – Testing the Power Automate approval workflow
09:32 – Power Automate SharePoint approvals – what about security?
11:04 – Build Power Automate approval workflow with item permissions for SharePoint List
15:33 – Restart the Power Automate Approval workflow on item modified in SharePoint List
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