AXA Venture Partners backs Mytraffic for location analytics

AXA Venture Partners backs Mytraffic for location analytics

Mytraffic, a France-based provider of location analytics, has raised €30m in Series B funding in a round led by AXA Venture Partners (AVP).

Charles Hatchett Award Winner 2019

Introduced over 40 years ago, The Charles Hatchett Award is sponsored by CBMM | Niobium and recognises the best published research on the science and technology of niobium. The annual award is selected by a panel of international experts and is ratified by the UK’s Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). The Award brings together technical experts from around the world and is important to CBMM | Niobium in identifying new applications and markets. To learn more about the Charles Hatchett Award, visit

guaranteed return investment – Capital Guarantee Plan – best investment plan

guaranteed return investment –
Capital Guarantee Plan – best investment plan.

For Capital Guarantee Plan –

Why Policybazaar?

Policybazaar is India’s largest insurance comparison platform. You can simply compare and buy from the widest range of insurance and investment products on the Policybazaar without any agent or paying any commission.

Capital Guarantee Plans are a type of ULIP plan that offer insurance and investment benefits. Capital Guarantee Solution Plans are specifically created to secure the investor’s capital amount and invest a portion of the principal amount in the market to earn a profitable return. Under this plan, 50-60% of the amount invested goes into debt for capital protection, and the rest is invested in equity.

A Capital guarantee plan or Capital guarantee solution plan is basically a combination of investment plus insurance. They can also be termed as ULIPs and offers 100% capital returns as their core benefit. Under the capital guarantee plan, the principal amount of the investor is protected from any uncertain future losses.

The capital guarantee plan comes with a policy tenure of 10 years and the premium payment tenure of 5 years. It works on a 50%-60% ratio basis. It means that 50% of the amount is invested in debt and 60% of the amount in equity.

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Best Investments For People Who Do Not Know How To Invest with Super Bianca

Are you looking for investment but you do not know how to do it right? I have a good news to you! In this video, we are going to share the 5 best investments for people who do not know how to invest featuring a celebrity and tv personality Ms. Bianca Gonzales.

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Which is the Best AXA Investment in the Philippines for 2023?

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