Assassination Class: Top 10 Characters

Assassination class is funny, action-packed, and has an extremely unique premise. At Kunugigaoka Junior High School, the lowest performing students, Class E, are treated like garbage to motivate other students to succeed. They are ignored and isolated in a classroom far from the current school building. This makes them the perfect candidates to kill the alien octopus that blew up the moon and will destroy Earth in a year.

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Korosensei is too quick and too strong to be killed by any conventional army, but agrees to let the kids try if he becomes their teacher, so Class 3-E is the world’s last resort. They train in the art of assassination under the guidance of Korosensei himself, hoping to kill their own teacher by the end of the school year.



Ritsu smiling in the assassination classroom

The military is supporting Class 3-E in their mission, providing them with supplies, additional training and a new classmate. The Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery, later dubbed “Ritsu” by his classmates, is an armed AI that joins Class 3-E in an attempt to assassinate Korosensei as well. She wouldn’t be out of place in one of the best mecha anime for beginners.

Initially a callous machine, Ritsu deduces that friendship with his classmates is essential to successfully killing Korosensei, and updates himself against his creators’ will to appear more human. Enthusiastic and serious, Ritsu constantly encourages her classmates, accompanying them outside of class by downloading to their cellphones.

Gakuhou Asano

Gakuhou looks thoughtful in Assassination Classroom

Kunugigaoka’s utterly ruthless chairman Gakuhou is in charge of the school system which operates on the abuse of class 3-E. Once a nice school teacher, much like Korosensei, he collapsed when one of his students committed suicide after being bullied, and he became obsessed with making his students strong.

Cruel and dangerously manipulative, Gakuhou is so uncompromising that he continues to undermine Class 3-E for the sake of his system, despite the fate of the world that depends on it. His very presence is intimidating enough that professional soldiers like Takaoka are intimidated by him, as seen in the episode “Talent Time”. When he’s on screen, all the fun stops short.

Irina Jelavitch

Irina Jelavic smiles and looks at the viewer in Assassination Classroom

In the episode “Grown-Up Time”, Irina is brought in as an English teacher in class 3-E, but also to murder Korosensei. As a hitman, she initially doesn’t care about students and ignores them in favor of her assassination mission, but takes both jobs seriously and trains her students in both languages ​​and undercover.

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Easily frustrated and somewhat immature under her femme fatale veneer, Irina is one of the show’s most frequent sources of comedy. The jokes are usually about her: although Class 3-E comes to respect her, they still don’t hesitate to tease her, albeit out of affection rather than rebellion.

Yuuma isogai

Yuuma smiling while holding a pipe in Assassination Classroom

As his classmates proudly claim, Isogai is Prince Charming of Class 3-E. Always friendly and diligent, he is a natural fit for the class representative. He ended up in grade 3-E not for bad grades, but for breaking school policy by working part-time to support his widowed mother and younger siblings.

He really shines in the episode “Leader Time”. After Gakushuu still catches him at his job, Isogai will be kicked out unless Class 3-E can beat Class 3-A at the Sports Festival. Using his history and tactics lessons, Isogai leads his classmates to victory against the team of foreign students that Gakushuu has brought in to overpower them, much like several other anime devoted to strategy and the plot.

Kaede kayano

Kaede Kayano smiling in Assassination Classroom

Kaede spends most of the series in a supporting role until her true nature is revealed in the episode “Secret Identity Time”: she hates Korosensei because she believes he murdered her sister, she has transformed into the same kind of creature that he needs to grow strong enough to avenge her, and all his class and the audience have seen so far is a fake character created to hide his lust for blood.

After learning that Korosensei was not actually responsible for her sister’s death (and that in fact, he was in love with her), she is shocked and changes her mind. With her desire for revenge gone, she needs something new to live on, and she finds it through her friendships with her classmates, Nagisa in particular.

Tadaomi karasuma

Tadaomi with her entwined hand looking serious in Assassination Classroom

As clumsy as Korosensei can be, someone needs to keep everyone firmly grounded. That someone is Karasuma, an agent from the Japanese Defense Ministry responsible for monitoring Korosensei and his students. No matter what outrageous things are going on around him, his stern and stoic demeanor never breaks.

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While Irina teaches the social skills used in the assassinations, Karasuma uses her position as a Class 3-E physical education teacher to train them for combat, especially knife combat. Although he rarely shows his emotions, it is clear that he loves the students and will jump to protect them if they are in danger, causing them to see him as the “father” of their class.

Gakushuu Asano

Gakushuu smiling in the assassination classroom

Gakuhou’s son, Gakushuu, is living proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kunugigaoka’s top student, Gakushuu leads Class 3-A with cool charisma and intense pride. He is more interested in proving his own superiority over the 3-E class than in upholding Gakuhou’s principles; in fact, he disagrees with Gakuhou almost as much as with Class 3-E, intending to one day bring his domineering father to his knees.

He also has a sense of honor his father greatly misses, being willing to admit when he was beaten as Gakuhou absolutely refuses to accept defeat. In the latest episode “Future Time,” he and the rest of the school’s Big Five shield Class 3-E from journalists’ cameras with a Kunugigaoka banner, in a gesture that recognizes them as equals.


Korosensei holds his tentacles high with a smile in the assassination classroom

Korosensei’s bright and distinctive design and bombastic personality make it a lot of fun to watch. An overpowered creature even stronger than Naruto, he’s supersonically fast and nearly indestructible. Once the world’s deadliest assassin, he gives it his all as a class 3-E teacher, helping children realize their full potential as assins, students, and people.

At the end of the series, it is revealed that he did not detonate the moon: he was once an experienced human at crafting a superweapon, and it was these experiences that damaged the moon and turned his body into a living time bomb. who will destroy the world whether he likes it or not. He is deeply proud of his students and how far he has come, and truly hopes that he will die at their hands.

Karma Akabane

Karma from Assassination Classroom, smirking

Although he is presented in the episode “Karma Time” as antagonistic and unstable, Karma is quickly revealed to have a stronger sense of justice than his sadistic tendencies suggest. He hates those who hurt innocent people and was suspended after attacking a tyrant who preyed on a student in class 3-E. Fearless and always eager to fight, Karma sets off on the assassination mission better than any other classmate except Nagisa.

Physically, he is the strongest human member of Class 3-E, preferring to fight enemies head-on. He is also wickedly intelligent, rivaling Gakushuu in terms of academic ability. This can make him arrogant at times and in need of a reality check, but although his failures hit him hard, he bounces back even more determined, making him one of Nobuhiko Okamoto’s best characters.

Nagisa shiota

Nagisa laughs in the assassination classroom

No one would suspect Nagisa of being a terrifying killer. Small, calm and passive, he is beaten up by bullies at school and his abusive mother at home. But Nagisa takes what could be weaknesses and turns them into deadly forces: His sensitivity to the emotions and body language of attackers makes him excellent at spotting weak spots, and he’s so good at hiding his presence that targets fail to detect him. only when it’s too much. late.

Nagisa has been referred to by his teachers as having the makings of a real assassin. But instead of using his training to kill, he follows in Korosensei’s footsteps and becomes a teacher. As an adult, he deliberately takes a stand in a school full of delinquents because he knows he can no longer be beaten or bullied, and decides to make as much of a difference in the lives of his students as Korosensei has. made for his own.

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