Apply for Loans without Payroll or Aval

Requesting loans without payroll

Requesting loans without payroll

Requesting loans without payroll or endorsement is possible and there are a number of possibilities to do so. By not asking for many requirements to grant this type of loans, the financial institutions that grant them will not give you much, and it is normal to request mini-credits or micro-credits online up to € 800. The only requirement that they usually request is not to be on lists of defaulters such as  Financial Credit Institutions.

To apply for loans without payroll or pension, it is usually necessary to provide a photocopy of ID and be of legal age. With this they will verify that you are not in lists of defaulters and they will grant you the loan quickly. To request it the simplest and fastest is to do it online, although some entities allow it to be done by phone or sms once the first loan is requested.

This type of companies warn that each one is responsible for returning the loans in the term contracted and if you do not, they can include you in the files of defaulters, so before requesting this type of loans make sure you can return the amount borrowed in the agreed term. In some of the entities it is possible to increase the term of return, but you will pay much more for the money lent.

It is possible to compare the different financial entities of fast online loans in websites such as, which offer all the necessary information to make the online application and the possibility of requesting fast loans without endorsement, without payroll or pension, and even loans with Financial Credit Instituions. Compare quick loans will make you get better conditions for your borrowed money, since you will choose the loan that best suits your needs and with the best interest rates.


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