an autonomous robot for the selective harvesting of broccoli

One of the biggest challenges in labor-intensive market gardening is the general availability of labor. When growing broccoli, harvesting is about half of the total labor required.

Agritechnica’s new RoboVeg Robotti combines a powerful field robot from Agro Intelligence ApS with a broccoli harvesting robot from RoboVeg Ltd. The Robotti field robot is powered by two motors which provide a total power of 104 kW. 40 kW of this can be called up on the PTO.

The lifting mechanism has a lifting force of 750 kg. RoboVeg is equipped with high resolution 2D cameras and 3D sensors. Two robotic arms that rotate around six axes to grab an independent cauliflower crop. The robot arm needs about 3 seconds from picking the cauliflower in the field to its position. The crop output is about 2400 pieces per hour, while the manual harvest is only about 300 to 360 pieces per hour per worker.

While autonomous robots for sowing, weeding and threshing are already available and in use, until now it has proved impossible to automate harvesting. RoboVeg Robotti is the first stand-alone broccoli harvesting system, dramatically improving working performance. For the farmer, this represents an increase in efficiency and a reduction in costs.

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