AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline gets new trailer ahead of fall release


Funimation is releasing a new trailer for AMAIN Warrior at the Borderline, the first original anime project from iconic studio Sunrise Beyond.

Funimation has confirmed that the brand new original mecha anime from Sunrise Beyond AMAIM warrior on the border will premiere as part of the streaming service’s upcoming animated season.

A new trailer gives a first look at the show’s characters and unique mechs, and asks viewers to “tackle that future.” AMAIM warrior on the border is the first original project of Sunrise Beyond, renowned for its work on the iconic Gundam franchise. Nobuyoshi Habara (Leina: Legend of the Wolf Sword) directs the anime with Noboru Kimura (Zoids: Fuzors) script writing and Rasmus Faber (Moriarty the patriot) compose the music.

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The anime follows protagonist Shiiba Amou, an “antisocial” child who loves machines. When he meets an AI named I-Les Gai, Amou finds himself embroiled in a battle to reclaim Japan from an oppressive governing body. The cast includes several experienced voice actors like Gen Satō (Gundam construction divers), Yūto Uemura (Build Divide – # 00000 (Code Black) -, My Hero Academia) and Kana Ichinose (Dr. Stone, missing fairy).

AMAIM warrior on the border is one of many new animated series that will debut as part of Funimation’s fall 2021 lineup. Other shows that will be previewed include Selection project, Irina: the vampire cosmonaut, Ranking of kings, My Senpai is boring and PuraOre! Pride of Orange.

Funimation will air AMAIM warrior on the border while the series will air in Japan from October 5.

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