A fiery dino robot darkens the downtown skyline with smoke | Local Crime News

Firefighters responding to smoke billowing from the Waco Convention Center on Friday quickly arrived and extinguished its source: a flaming animatronic dinosaur.

The robotic reptile was part of Jurassic Quest, a traveling dinosaur show that runs Friday through Sunday at the convention center.

Crews were welding on the dinosaur outside the Third Street side of the convention center when the foam rubber skin caught fire, Waco Fire Department Captain Robert Covey said.

The fire around 12:15 p.m. created a cloud of brown smoke visible beyond the city center.

Covey said his team at Fire Station No. 1 on Peach Street responded to a report of a fire at the convention center and could see smoke from the station, about two-thirds of a mile away.

He estimated the fire was extinguished within 8 minutes of receiving the call. The dinosaur’s body was reduced to its metal frame and motors, while smoke continued to billow from the head’s open mouth, which lay on the ground nearby. A forklift was also damaged, firefighters said.

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Adrian Baez, a Jurassic Quest manager at the scene, said he was still assessing what happened, but added that the show would go on.

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