9 Amazing Mecha Anime That Were Ruined By Their Endings

The mecha genre is one of the most famous in anime. Watching two giant robots fight each other is thrilling. Some mecha series are even considered classics. Mecha over the decades has proven to be a timeless series. Unfortunately, some have trouble sticking the landing in the final minutes.

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Some mecha series start out great, but as the show progresses, they seem to go astray. Some shows come to the end and decide to kill everyone. Others go in a direction that makes no sense. Either way, mecha series don’t always end the way audiences hope.

9 Space Warrior Baldios ends in massive flooding

Baldios, space warrior was a 1980 anime that focused on changes in the environment. Scientists had found a way to cure the planet of its environmental problems, but a military enthusiast blamed the scientists for the death of the planet’s leader. The series itself resembles the mech dime-a-dozen anime of the era, although it had great action.

The series ends with Gattler, the antagonist, unleashing a huge tsunami. This triggers massive floods and wipes out almost all of humanity. The hero should have done something about it all, but the protagonist Marin sits idly by and watches the destruction of Earth.

8 Guren Lagann disappointed almost everyone

gurren lagann was one of the most popular mecha anime of the 2000s. It certainly caught fans’ attention with its over-the-top action and never say die attitude. The series was created to have a happy ending, but the writers had other plans.

At the very end, humanity revives on the surface. Simon, however, is a random homeless man who roams the streets. After the sudden disappearance of Princess Nia, Simon has just left Team Gurren and is now wandering aimlessly. Talk about a disappointment. The hero of the story doesn’t even get a share of the glory.

seven Gundam 0080 War In The Pocket is a depressing war story

Mobile Suit Gundam is no stranger to telling stories about the horrors of war. Creators like Yoshiyuki Tomino create stories that prove war is a horrible thing that no one should have to go through. Next Char CounterattackSunrise developed an OVA that told a personal story about a boy and his encounter with war.

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war in the pocket is a massively depressing story that, while poignant, is not for the faint of heart. Protagonist Al changes from a carefree child going about his daily business to a saddened boy who has lost someone dear to him. Perhaps the saddest Christmas story ever told, war in the pocket shows viewers that Zeon pilots are just as human as the Gundam Meisters.

6 Aldnoah Zero has one of the dumbest endings in recent memory

Zero Aldnoah was a two-season anime about a war between Earth and an alien race. Plotted by General Urobuchi, Aldnoah takes some dark turns despite being mostly a fun mecha anime, if a bit generic at times. Things had been looking up for the show – or at least until the final two episodes.

Slaine, the main antagonist, finally takes the downfall that had been teased all along. However, the protagonist Inaho allowed him to live. Then, stupid decision after stupid decision by the writers in the final minutes led audiences to believe there was no point in the show. The ending just didn’t live up to the rest.

5 Code Geass had a bad ending for many of its central cast

Code Geass was one of the most popular anime of the 2000s. Its “Death threat meets Gundam“a kind of hodgepodge and the use of an anti-hero protagonist makes Code Geass one of the most gripping and cerebral shows of its time. The show had some momentum on its side in the final few episodes, but eventually slipped and fell in its final minutes.

Protagonist Lelouch is killed by Suzaku and events quickly unfold and lead to peace for Area 11. The characters are shown to have left life on the battlefield, but it’s the final seconds of the series that have shocked the fans. CC is seen relaxing and turns away from the camera and calls someone “Lelouch”. It made the whole finale totally pointless.

4 Macross pretty much ends in a stalemate for both sides

Macross Super Dimensional Fortress was a 1980s show that was a worldwide hit. Of course, it was part of Robotech series in the United States, but it still attracted legions of fans in the 80s. The battlefield love story touched so many people.

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Unfortunately, MacrossThe ending is a disappointment. Earth and the forces of Zentradi have nearly annihilated. The peace talks only happened because both sides were so devastated. The series kind of ended with a whimper as Earth and the Zentradi learned to live together.

3 Mazinger Z ends with humanity on the brink of destruction

Mazinger-Z was a classic mecha show created by anime legend Go Nagai. This helped establish the Super Robot genre as well as popularize mecha well into the 1980s. Kouji Kabuto is one of the main protagonists of mecha and his show was so gory it was awesome.

The ending was a bit disappointing, however. Kouji killed Dr. Hell, but one of his other enemies, the Mykene Empire, destroyed a bunch of big cities afterward. They destroyed several robots, including Mazinger-Z. In the following Great Mazingerit was revealed that Dr. Hell had survived, rendering the entire original series utterly useless.

2 Neon Genesis Evangelion got deconstructed in a corner

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a divisive anime. Some people love its sci-fi-inspired deconstruction and hail it as a hallmark of postmodernism. Others see it as rubbish that has no real meaning. In both cases, evangelization is one of the most popular mecha anime out there. Around episode 18 or so, fans could tell the series is off the rails.

Everything looked dark and there seemed to be no signs of hope for the heroes. Then, the last two episodes arrived. The last two episodes are nothing more than a psychoanalysis of the characters. On top of that, the animation budget was nearly exhausted, so the visuals were less than appealing. The series was found to be useless and was only corrected at the Rebuild movies.

1 Zeta Gundam proved Tomino’s reputation

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam was the direct sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam. It continued the Universal Century timeline conflict and had a great action. Kamille is a memorable protagonist and a brilliant pilot. It’s just a shame he ended up in the end.

Towards the end of Zeta, Kamille loses almost all of her relatives during the war. As a result, he breaks down and loses sight of what he was trying to accomplish. Zeon, the villains of Mobile Suit Gundam, becomes a formidable nation again. It signifies the fate of the Earth.

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