86 Eighty-Six Season 2 Episode 4 release date & synopsis


’86 Eighty-Six ‘is a mecha TV sci-fi anime based on the light book series of the same name written by Asato Asato and drawn by Shirabii. The program revolves around the long-standing military conflict of the Republic of San Magnolia with the Empire of Giad. While the government of the former maintains that the conflict is bloodless and is simply a battle between the drones of two technologically superior political powers, the truth is far more cruel. The Republic is a fanatical country that discriminates against the Colarata minority and employs them as pilots for their autonomous drones. When will 86 Eighty-Six Season 2 Episode 4 be released?

86 Eighty-Six Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

86 Eighty-Six Season 2 Episode 4, titled “Welcome Back”, will debut in Japan on October 24, 2021. It will air on Tokyo MX, BS11, GYT, GTV, ytv and CTV at various times. Studio A-1, Aniplex, Kadokawa and Bandai Spirits collaborated on the development of the show. The film was directed by Toshimasa Ishii, with Nobuhiro Nakayama as producer.

Tetsuya Kawakami created the characters, while Toshiya Oono oversaw the writing team. Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto collaborated on the soundtrack of the series. The opening theme, “Kyokaisen”, was sung by Amazrashi, while the closing theme, “Alchemilla”, was performed by Regal Lily.

Where to watch 86 Eighty-Six Season 2 online?

’86 Eighty-Six ‘Season 2 or Part 2 has been licensed to air outside of Asia by Crunchyroll. Subscribers to the platform can view the most recent episodes in original Japanese audio with English subtitles here. The anime can also be found on VRV. Fans can watch the program on Bilibili and iQIYI in South East Asia.

Spoilers for episode 4 of season 2

In Episode 3, Shin and his pals, who had chosen to follow Ernst’s wishes by enrolling in the Special Officer Training School, not only kept their word, but also passed the exam with ease thanks to their military experience. Then they are assigned to Lt.

Colonel Grethe Wenzel of the Nordlicht Squadron. They then travel to a territory newly conquered by the Federation, where they discover their wrecked Juggernauts.

Grethe informs them that a monument has been built there in honor of everyone Shin remembers. Additionally, Fido’s wreckage is not only recovered, but the entire body is rebuilt with its core intact. Shin then pilots the Reginleif mechs to aid the Federation soldiers, reuniting with Eugene in the process. Before committing, he had befriended him, but the protagonist was not prepared for the shock that was to come.

Eugene is seriously injured in a Legion attack, and Shin is ultimately responsible for bringing his suffering to an end. While still in shock, he hears that another Legion assault is imminent. Shin may have to deal with the deaths of individuals he believes are extremely dear in 86 Eighty-Six Season 2 Episode 4. The Legion’s next attack will be much more destructive than the last.


Theo let out his contained rage against Lena as she spoke a few words to mourn the passing of Spearhead Squadron. Raiden calmed him down by telling him that he was acting inappropriately. Theo regained his composure, but he and the other members weren’t in the mood to continue their conversation with Lena. Even after Kaie’s death, the Spearhead Squadron, which has always lived in a world on the brink of death, continues to operate normally. Theo, on the other hand, can’t get over what he said to Lena. He didn’t regret what he had said, but he regretted the way he had said it. He remembers another stupid Alba who had a huge influence on him in the past while thinking of the Handler.

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