3 poorly written Fortnite characters (and 3 very intriguing)

There are dozens of characters in Fortnite. They each play a vital role in the grand scheme of things. Some are presented as simple skins, while others as friendly or hostile NPCs.

However, the most important characters in the game are usually part of the battle pass storyline. Unfortunately, as exciting as it sounds, not all of them stand out from the crowd. Some are written to perfection and are unforgettable. Others fade into memory and are quickly forgotten.

Poorly written Fortnite characters

1) Queen of cubes

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The queen of the cube appeared from the blue or golden cube and was introduced as one of the most powerful characters in history. With her Cubes and her Kymera fleet, she could bend reality to her will.

Sadly, most players have had to scratch their heads and think about its origins due to the lack of a backstory. It’s clear she wanted the Zero Point, but no one seems to know.

2) Raz

The Arrow corrupts those who come too close and inclines them into darkness. Has anyone seen Raz recently? https://t.co/vf5TRqUwGC

When the arrow formed on the island, Raz appeared. His sole purpose in Fortnite was to study zero point and harness its energy. His body was covered with ancient runic glyphs and his back was bling, resembling the contours of the Storm King.

He was one of the most enigmatic characters in Chapter 2 of Season 6. However, he didn’t do much throughout the season. Besides being an NPC boss, there was no real connection to the storyline.

3) Ice King

The Ice King was a mighty being in Fortnite. He was in command of the Ice Legions and the Element itself. After covering the island in the cold snap, he mysteriously vanished during the Devourer and Mecha fight.

Despite so much potential in the game, the developers decided to make him disappear alongside his castle. Although he may still be alive, he has not been seen since the “OG” days.

Wonderfully written Fortnite characters

1) Midas

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The name Midas is believed to be synonymous with Greek mythology. However, his name is associated with none other than the golden mischief maker in the gaming world.

When Epic Games created Midas, they created an everlasting legacy in the game. He is one of the most compelling and best-written characters in the history and history of the game.

2) John Jones

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Fortnite’s current chain of events wouldn’t have existed without John Jones. He risked his life to give reality a second chance and betrayed the Imagined Order in the process.

As well as being a hero, he is compassionate and kind. He would do anything to help those in need. While there are plenty of snapshots of him in the game, none will ever be able to replace the original.

3) Doctor Slone

Despite being a villain, Doctor Slone is one of the best-written characters in Fortnite. Even after betraying the loopers and blowing up the mothership, many players still admire its daring theatrics.

At first glance, she’ll play a big part again in Chapter 3. While details are still scarce, she’ll likely continue to hunt down the Foundation and Agent Jones until they’re removed from reality.

Note: The list is in no particular order and reflects the views of the author only.

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