Loan with restriction on name: Can it be achieved? – Low interest

1: Real Estate Refinancing or Vehicle – ONLINE

1: Real Estate Refinancing or Vehicle - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you have a property or vehicle in your name it is ideal because the interest rates are quite low.

This is a secured loan (in this case, a property or car is placed in guarantee in case you do not pay the installments on time). Since the bank is sure to receive your payment (at worst it sells the good of the guarantee and removes the debt), you will get very low interest rates.

In addition to having a low interest rate, the amounts ceded by the financial institution are usually high and the term of payment can also be quite extensive. The value of the loan often reaches up to 70% of the good put into collateral.

So it is important to make it clear: if the debt is not paid, you will lose the good. So, only use this option if you have a good plan and you are sure that you will be able to pay the debt.

An example of a financial institution that makes this online service is Crediter. You can check more on their site:

Loan with Property in Warranty Loan with Vehicle in Warranty

To learn more about real estate refinancing (sometimes called a mortgage or fiduciary alienation), click here.

To learn more about refinancing, click here.

2: Pawn

Who is it for? If you have a valuable asset (a jewelry, expensive watch, etc.) to put on collateral.

It is an alternative that does not require proof of income, nor credit analysis. All for one simple reason: the applicant leaves a valuable asset as collateral.

However, the loan repayment terms are shorter, usually up to four months. In this way, one must be sure to be able to pay off the debt. Otherwise, the pawned object goes to the auction.

In Brazil, the pledge can only be made by Caixa Econômica Federal.

3: Payroll Credit – ONLINE

3: Payroll Credit - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you are a salaried employee, public servant, retiree or INSS pensioner .

Interest rates are very low because your salary “serves as a guarantee” of the loan. After all, the portion of the loan is already deducted directly from your salary, which gives greater security that the bank will receive the payment back.

However, be aware of the high interest rates. There are financiers who, despite lending only to the payee’s public, charge high interest. To clear the question of what is high or what is low, use our loan simulator.

Payroll can also be used to pay off past debts, and can clear your name. That’s because interest rates are usually inviting. Review your case and see if it is worth exchanging your current debt for the payday loan.

If you have credit card debits or overdrafts, this type of loan – along with the refinancing option – with restriction is a good alternative as it may have lower interest rates.

If you are a federal public servant, retiree or pensioner of the INSS or the Armed Forces, we recommend knowing the “bxblue” because interest rates are low and the process is all online .

4: Microcredit

4: Microcredit

Who is it for? If you are investing in your own business, be it formal or informal. Microcredit does not need guarantees.

Microcredit is a small-value lending program for formal and informal microentrepreneurs, often without access to the traditional financial system. It is usually sponsored by the government as a way to promote development by supporting the production of small entrepreneurs.

The cool thing about this system is that during the loan you will have the assistance of a microcredit agent who will help you to boost your business.

Several banks have microcredit lines, with amounts of up to R $ 20,000 and interest rates that revolve around 29% per year (June 2017 data) .

If you want to know more about Microcredit and know where to get this type of loan, click here. (Our Microcredit page is very good, worth seeing!).

5: P2P Loan Sites for Microentrepreneurs – ONLINE

5: P2P Loan Sites for Microentrepreneurs - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you are an Individual Microentrepreneur or a member of a company, this may be an option for you!

The new network technologies are enabling a phenomenon that will reshape the future: connect directly who wants to invest with who wants to borrow . It is called peer-to-peer ( peer-to-peer) lending.

In this type of site, you register your business, speak to what you want the loan and look for investors. Interest rates are usually lower because of the lower presence of middlemen on the way.

In Brazil, there are currently few sites that operate in this system. Three of them are:

  • BIVA
  • Nexoos
  • Captamoney (not peer-to-peer, but it’s for business or MEI).

6: Emergency Loan – ONLINE

6: Emergency Loan - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you can not opt ​​for any of the others and the loan is urgent, this can be a way out. Interest rates are high and values ​​are low , but the clearance on your account is quick.

We recommend 2 trusted places that provide this service:

From $ 200 to $ 800 – Moneyman

Moneyman specializes in lending small amounts, and can even lend to negatives. The interest is high interest, but the service is online and the money falls fast in the account. One difference with Moneyman is that the loans are progressive: you start with a loan of only 3 months, with a maximum amount of $ 800 . As you evolve (and prove to be a good payer), they release you options of higher values ​​and deadlines.

From R $ 500 to R $ 3500 – Laoanic

Laoanic follows the same scheme as Moneyman: low values, high interest rates, fast service and online, even for those with a name restriction in the market. The interest rates are quite high, and can reach more than 15% per month.

Again, the advantage of Laoanic lies in the agility of the money release and the online process (you do not have to go to an agency).

The two sites above, although they are not financial institutions registered by the Central Bank, are banking correspondents of authorized banks. Read more about the online loan sites in the “Low Interest Tests” section of our blog.

Ever tried to renegotiate your debt?

Ever tried to renegotiate your debt?

Some companies can help you with this renegotiation:

  • Clean Name Serasa Consumer
  • [SCPC] Positive Consumer – Online Dealer
  • Kiting
  • I want to remove
  • Right agreement

Search before you buy

Search before you buy

The tip that you use to make purchases in the market is also good for the world of loans: compare the banks to check the lowest rates!

In short, in order to benefit from the restricted loan, it is necessary to assess the value of the loan and the time given for debt settlement. Depending on the case, the most feasible is to negotiate the previous debts first by clearing the name for then borrowing the loan.

To learn more about the credit options that are right for your goals, read our other texts and be sure to contact us in any way if you have any questions. Comment and send a message. Of course, you will have all the information you need to make the best decision.