Apply for Loans without Payroll or Aval

Requesting loans without payroll

Requesting loans without payroll

Requesting loans without payroll or endorsement is possible and there are a number of possibilities to do so. By not asking for many requirements to grant this type of loans, the financial institutions that grant them will not give you much, and it is normal to request mini-credits or micro-credits online up to € 800. The only requirement that they usually request is not to be on lists of defaulters such as  Financial Credit Institutions.

To apply for loans without payroll or pension, it is usually necessary to provide a photocopy of ID and be of legal age. With this they will verify that you are not in lists of defaulters and they will grant you the loan quickly. To request it the simplest and fastest is to do it online, although some entities allow it to be done by phone or sms once the first loan is requested.

This type of companies warn that each one is responsible for returning the loans in the term contracted and if you do not, they can include you in the files of defaulters, so before requesting this type of loans make sure you can return the amount borrowed in the agreed term. In some of the entities it is possible to increase the term of return, but you will pay much more for the money lent.

It is possible to compare the different financial entities of fast online loans in websites such as, which offer all the necessary information to make the online application and the possibility of requesting fast loans without endorsement, without payroll or pension, and even loans with Financial Credit Instituions. Compare quick loans will make you get better conditions for your borrowed money, since you will choose the loan that best suits your needs and with the best interest rates.


You can get more information about quick credits and mini- credits in the articles that we publish regularly on this website, your quick loans website and all the ways to obtain financing quickly or in exceptional conditions.

Online payday loan direct lenders-Apply for a payday loan online direct lender

Do you want to borrow money now? It is possible to immediately take out a loan and have money when you need money urgently!

Apply for a payday loan online with direct lender

You are not the only one who needs some extra money. Everyone is sometimes short of cash. It is as pleasant as you in all circumstances have the opportunity to quickly get some extra money. In addition to loans at the bank, there are now loans on the market that you can always close, despite the situation. Moreover, you have money on your account with payday loan online direct lender at Borrowing money now is not a problem, so if you’re short of time!

Now borrow money via the internet

Borrowing via the internet is a new method of borrowing. The loans that you take out on the internet are also called mini loans, small loans, fast loans or flash loans. With these loans, you can borrow small amounts at lightning speed. A loan application is also easy and fast! In addition, a loan via the internet has the nice side-effect that you do not pay any interest on these loans! However, a disadvantage of these loans is that you have to have the money available again in a reasonably short time, usually, a repayment term of one month is used.

How much can I now borrow money?

What are the exact amounts of these loans on the internet? You can borrow all the amounts of your choice between 50 and 1000 euros. You decide how much that is exactly. You can choose to borrow 1000 euros for your holiday, but also smaller amounts such as 600 euros for a new television or 200 euros for textbooks is possible. What you do with the money does not matter for the providers of these loans, you will not get any questions about that.

Now borrow money without conditions

Pleasant to the loans that you take out via the internet is that you do not have to meet certain conditions. Now borrowing money without work is, therefore, possible for everyone. Regardless of whether you have work or not, whether you are on the blacklist and what documents you do or do not have. Also, the level of your income does not matter or from which you acquire it. However, you have to take into account that you must be at least 21 years old for these loans.

I want to borrow money now

Do you think I want to borrow money now without work and are you interested in taking out a loan through the internet? You can arrange this directly without it costing you! You only have to search the internet for providers of these loans. There are several, but once you have made a choice with which provider you want to borrow you can fill in the application form. It is wise to carefully read the conditions in advance. After your request, you will immediately receive an SMS for confirmation. After that, you can assume that you have the money on your account the same day, but with many loan providers, this only takes 10 minutes! Now borrowing money without work is always an option!

Apply for Quick Credits or Personal Loans

OutDirect  belongs to the OutDirect Group, the leading financial institution in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the world, whose activity is centered around three major business areas: insurance, banking and asset management. This bank also offers quick loans although we all know it for being a bank that offers savings accounts and for its slogan,  Fresh Banking,  which means always looking for the easiest way to do things.  So, when it comes to getting extra money to make any project or need come true, OutDirect customers with a payroll account  can access  personal loans without any paperwork.

Fast credits from OutDirect are pre-granted, simple and tailored to you, so you can use the money for what you need to make a trip, pay a debt, start a business, buy a car or whatever you can think of. You are free to choose how you are going to use your money that you have requested in personal loans.

How to contract a personal loan in OutDirect?

How to contract a personal loan in OutDirect?

To request a personal loan from OutDirect  click here  and access the personal loans option within the Mortgages and loans section.  Then enter the amount of your loan that has to be between € 3000 and € 60000 and the repayment term in months. The repayment term has to be from 12 to 45 months. To be able to access a personal loan from OutDirect you have to be a client of this bank or become a client by clicking the button Become a customer.

How does it work?

How does it work?

If you are a client, ING will study in advance if the pre-concession of the loan is viable and how much can be assigned to you. When you request your personal loan, OutDirect will carry out a final online check according to your risk criteria and  in the positive case, you will have the money in your account immediately, without formalities or signatures before a notary.

For this you have to be a client of OutDirect, but if you are not, do not worry, become a client hereonline and besides being able to request personal loans you can enjoy all the advantages that this bank offers.



The main advantages of OutDirect personal loans are their flexibility  and  simplicity  that they have and that you can use the money for whatever you want, being free for what you are going to use your borrowed money. Also that the quick credits offered are pre-granted, having made the bank and your study in advance, so you will have your money in your account immediately, without formalities or signatures before a notary. Another advantage is that you can request up to 5 partial loans as long as they do not exceed the pre-granted amount.

What fast credits does he offer you?

What fast credits does he offer you?

OutDirect offers you quick credits between € 3000 and € 60000 with a maturity of 12 to 45 months. You only have to select the desired amount and the due date of the loan and they indicate the amount you are going to pay each month. Click here to access OutDirect and request a loan online and confidentially. If you are not yet a client click here to become a client and then request your personal loan

As you can see, OutDirecty offers you facilities to request up to 5 personal loans with very good conditions. You can also check at  the best quick credits  and  the best mini fast credits  that exist in the market and compare them.

Credit despite existing loans


Not everything in life is always going the way it is wanted. Highs and lows alternate and ensure that we never get bored. Unfortunately, the ups and downs are not only about our emotionality but also about our finances. These also experience a constant up and down and sometimes require additional support. Also in the form of a loan, which always makes sense when urgent purchases have to be made. Then it can make sense to bridge the financial bottleneck with the help of a loan.

If a loan is needed more often, then taking out the loan can be a bit more difficult. Because every credit weakens the credit rating. If a loan is searched for despite existing loans, it may be that the credit rating for the borrowing of further credit is no longer sufficient. The banks would simply reject the loan application or attach special conditions to its allocation.

What must the credit rating look like?

A cheap loan requires a good credit rating. This has always been and will always be the case. Because the banks and savings banks have no money to give away and therefore look very carefully to whom they borrow their money. For you, as a borrower, this means that you must always ensure that your credit rating is at an acceptable level. Whether it’s your first loan or you’re looking for a loan despite existing loans.

You can achieve a good credit rating if you have a private credit, which has no negative entries, can show a fixed income, which is well above your expenses and also call a permanent residence in Germany your own. Your age can also be crucial when it comes to assessing your credit rating. Too young or too old is always unfavorable. Therefore, be at least 18 years old but no more than 60 years to have the best chance of getting a loan despite existing loans.

Where is there a loan despite existing loans?

Where is there a <a href=loan despite existing loans?” />

If you want to make borrowing as easy as possible, then simply take out the loan over the Internet. Use our comparison calculator, which presents you the best loan offers in real time without much effort and without the input of personal data. Just think about how much money you want to borrow and how long you want to pay it back to the bank. Remember always your existing loans and their term. Not that you end up financially and fall into the debt trap.

If you plan to take out a large loan despite existing loans, then you should always agree on the possibility of free special repayments and early repayment in the loan agreement. So you remain flexible during the repayment and can react quickly, if there is a better loan offer, which encourages debt restructuring.

You should also reconsider whether you do not want to combine all existing loans into a large loan. This would make it easier for you to repay, cut costs and reduce your monthly exposure. However, this would only be possible if a free early replacement was agreed for the existing loans. Otherwise, it may happen that the cost of debt restructuring is so high that no financial relief can be achieved. After all, you have several loans that would then have to be dissolved.