10 Weirdest Mecha Anime You Won’t Believe Exist

What many young anime fans might not know is that mecha anime kept the anime world going until the shonen battle came. Fans became invested in Real Robot and Super Robot anime throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s. When a genre has been around this long, people think they know what to expect.

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Most people think that all mechs are just variations of Gundam apart from exceptions like Neon Genesis Evangelion. But when a genre has been around as long as mecha, some creators are sure to create series that work outside of what is expected. Not all of these attempts will succeed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth trying just to experience the novelty of something new.

ten Granbelm combines Mecha with a battle royale

Granbelm this is what happens when someone stares too much My-HiMe. The series is set in a world where magic has been all but eliminated, except for a tournament between young girls who decide the sole winner of magic.

Although this looks like a series featuring magical girls in battle until there is an eventual winner, Granbelm has a twist. Most battles are fought using giant armor known as Armanox. Although they have the form of chibi robots, they are still capable of inflicting massive damage.

9 Five Star Stories features gods and human computers

Five Star Stories is a film adaptation of one of the most epic manga of all time. The manga has been going on for thirty-five years and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, so the movie obviously can’t cover everything.

Five star stories take place within the Joker Star Cluster, where the giant robots require two pilots: a normal pilot and a human computer known as Fatima. The protagonist is Ladios Sopp, who retrieves a pair of Fatima from Lachesis and Clotho at the request of a friend. But while Ladios claims to be a mecha designer, he is secretly the god Amaterasu.

8 Tenchi Muyo: War On Geminar places Mecha in a fantasy universe

Few would expect Tenchi Muyo to enter the world of mecha. Fewer still would expect this mecha series to be set in a fantasy universe. After being sent to another world, main character Kenshi is sent to an academy to learn how to pilot a Sacred Mechanoid.

Notably, piloting Mechanoids is something that only a select few are asked to learn in their world. His training doesn’t come too soon though, as the new world he’s been sent to is on the brink of certain war.

7 Cross Angel is a series of ridiculous twists

Angel Cross is an anime so bad that it becomes good again. There’s nothing particularly crazy about its premise. The protagonist is a princess who gets kicked out of her kingdom because she can’t manipulate magic. From there, he is asked to become a mecha pilot to protect the planet against massive monsters known as DRAGONS.

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The problem with Angel Cross is not its premise, but the plot itself. The story consistently chooses the most ridiculous option over something logical. If the reckless choice doesn’t work, the show distracts its viewers with more yuri.

6 Buddy Complex combines giant robots with time travel

Buddy Complex looks like a fairly standard series of giant robots. Aoba Watase is the typical normal high schooler until he finds himself being stalked by a giant robot. However, things get weird when it’s revealed that the robot is from the far future.

Before Aoba can be killed, his classmate sends them both to the future. From there, Aoba is thrust into the fires of war with no way of knowing if he will ever be able to return home. While many giant robot series toy with supernatural abilities, few have ever embraced the sci-fi idea of ​​time travel.

5 Wrestling Sanshiro Plastic Model Focus On Wrestling With Tiny Mecha Toys

Long before there was a Gundam Build Fighters anime for gunpla building hype, there was sanshiro. In this universe, the characters all play a game known as Plawres, a game of wrestling performed through tiny twelve-inch models competing in the ring.

The protagonist is Sugata Sanshirou, who takes his partner Juohmaru into battle against his rivals. This show is the precursor to so many toyetic anime with a villain of the week formula. It’s something that most fans would think came from 90s anime, but instead has its origins in the early 80s.

4 Magic Knight Rayearth Features Magical Girls Piloting Giant Robots

Magic Knight Rayearth was one of the best anime of the 90s and one of the smash hits of the decade. But looking at it, few would have guessed that a mech was involved. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are three high school girls who are teleported into the world of Cephiro while visiting Tokyo Tower.

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Told to retrieve the princess, who serves as the being that holds Cephiro together, the girls transform into magic knights to fight against the high priest Zagato. But each girl also has access to giant robots called Rune Gods to aid them in their quest.

3 Trapped in a Dating Simulator is a mishmash of different genres including Isekai, Fantasy, & Giant Robots

Trapped in a dating simulator has a setting that even the protagonist pokes fun at whenever he gets the chance. The protagonist is meant to be in the world of a reverse harem otome game. It’s supposed to be a fantasy school where the game’s protagonist can meet all of her suitors.

And while Trapped in a dating simulator has its ongoing main plot, there is also an ongoing war drama and battles fought with giant robots. After all, who doesn’t love giant robots?

2 Godnnar focuses on a married couple piloting giant robots

Godannar gained popularity in the 2000s almost entirely due to the novelty of its idea. The story centers on a married couple who live together while piloting giant robots to protect humanity. Goh Saruwatari and his wife Anna Aoi spend as much time trying to make their married life work as they do fighting the alien race attacking humanity.

Although they are married, they have everything to deal with, from family members to former lovers. This is the giant robot series for people who love a pinch of slice of life and lots of fanservice.

1 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann gets more over the top with every battle

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one of the few mecha anime that people remember from the 2000s. The series begins with humanity living underground, carrying on an existence as miners. But when the duo discover a mech known as Lagann, they find themselves in conflict with a dangerous enemy of humanity known as the Beastmen.

gurren lagann is the answer to the question “What if we got more and more epic?” As the show begins reasonably, the conflict develops for the heroes who fight with literal words. galaxies and fight against threats to the entire universe.

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