10 Tabletop RPGs That Require Great Adaptation (Like Dungeons And Dragons)

The Dungeons and Dragons The trailer for the film was a happy surprise for many TTRPG fans. Of course, optimism is cautious given Dungeons and Dragons doesn’t exactly have the best track record with movies, as Oscar winner Jeremy Irons can attest.

Dungeons and Dragons isn’t the only TTRPG out there, far from it. TTRPGs have been around for a long time, and many have worlds just ripe for storytelling potential. From the far reaches of space to the eldritch underbelly of the world, these TTRPGs deserve big adaptations.

Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer Fantasy two armies clash

Warhammer Fantasy may not be as popular as its space spinoff, but it’s a fantasy world in its own right. Warhammer Fantasy is an over-the-top take on typical fantasy tropes. Familiar races like humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs are boosted up to eleven.


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There is a plethora of books and traditions to draw stories from. Like video games like Vermintide show, it’s fun to follow characters around the world as they face all the dangers around them. Endless Skaven, spiky hordes of Chaos, and ravenous Ogres would be amazing to see on screen. A fantasy epic on the scale of Warcraft Where the Lord of the Ringsif it’s done well.

Hunter: Judgment

A group of hunters fighting monsters

Hunter: Judgment follows the struggles of monster hunters in a doomed world. Using the “hunter-net.org” website, “imbued” people share their knowledge and stories of their encounters with the supernatural. Their enemies are endless and in-fighting is just as prevalent.

Hunter: Judgment is an action-packed period piece set in the early 2000s. It would be an ideal setting for a supernatural horror story, as the Old World of Darkness has no shortage of monsters. Not to mention that the conflict between beliefs provides big moral themes for viewers to ponder.

flying circus

Flying Circus dogfights with dragons

With the resounding success of Upper gun: maverickthere’s a clear market for fighter jet combat and endearing characters. flying circus has both in spades, as well as a single frame. The story follows the group of mercenary pilots, Flying Circus, as they fly over the aftermath of a magical war that has ravaged the land of Himmilgard.

The tabletop RPG emphasizes character interaction as much as aerial combat. The unique and fantastic post-apocalypse setting even allows players to have dogfights with ancient dragons. It’s like Harry Potter in Goblet of Fire was in a World War I fighter plane instead of a broomstick during the fight against the Horntail. Much cooler than an old feather duster.

Deadlands: The Strange West

Deadlands Weird West Cowboys Fighting Zombies

the weird west is an alternate history where the magic is real but has long been sealed away by an unknown tribe of Native Americans. However, a vengeful shaman decided to unlock the gates and unleash magic into the world, with all the dangers that entailed.

Westerns are a rare show these days, but people like to mix it up with other genres, like shows like Westworld showcase. Bringing the classic genre to fantasy horror is a match made in hell, and in the best possible way. Currently, a TV series has been in development since 2014, but fans are hoping for it to see the light of day.

fear each other

Do you fear man looking through a locked door

fear each other is a multi-faceted horror RPG, but the most adaptable story would be The esoterrorists. In this context, the Ordo Veritatis act as the Men in Black for supernatural phenomena. The Outer Dark is separated from the human world because of something called the Membrane.

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The membrane is reinforced by humanity’s hope and belief in order. However, esoterrorists create hoaxes and commit brutal and inexplicable crimes to weaken the beliefs of humanity. It is up to the Ordo Veritatis to keep humanity blind to the troubles that lurk beneath the surface. While a benevolent conspiracy group at the SCP is nothing new, fear each other has a much darker atmosphere and is a great setting for hopeless stories.


Lancer character cover

Lancer is a mech pilot RPG with a strong focus on narrative gameplay and “mud and lasers” mecha combat. Billions of people live under the benevolent rule of the Union. The player takes control of a mech pilot licensed by one of five major manufacturing companies, each with their own motivations and fighting styles.

With its many factions, space environment and giant robots, Lancer is ripe for an anime series adaptation. Artwork by Tom Parkinson Morgan gives the game a colorful and striking visual style. Mecha fans out west are crying out for something new, and Lancer the popularity might just translate to a TV show.

dark heresy

Dark Heresy's Inquisitors prepare to purge

Warhammer 40k is a vast universe with lots of fun lore. Yet it remains criminally underused in mainstream media despite its popularity. If ever he were to receive a proper adaptation, the best start would be in dark heresya tabletop game focused on the Inquisition.

Without a doubt, the Imperium’s constant combat against its many enemies, both alien and chaotic, is one of its greatest draws. The Inquisition is a great spy thriller. As the Space Marines fight the Imperium head-on, the Inquisitors seek to save it from its many hidden enemies. Each episode of an Inquisition series could explore a different threat to the Imperium. Think X-files but threats can obliterate planets.

shadow run

Shadowrun Trilogy Console Edition Review

shadow run combines Cyberpunk and Dungeon Crawler in a weird but thrilling package. On December 21, 2012, magic returned to the world. Fascinatingly, all fantasy races are humans, only “mutated” from the genetic base. Orcs, elves and dwarves are just different types of humans.

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This unique setting is perfect for a plethora of urban cyberpunk fantasy stories. A game where megacorporations and dragons indulge in politics while “Shadowrunners” run around doing odd jobs is a perfect setting. Not to mention, the vastness of the setting means it could be its own cinematic universe.

Call of Cthulhu

Despite the genre’s popularity, Lovecraftian horror is surprisingly underutilized. Although film audiences were able to enjoy color out of spacethere are plenty more eldritch horrors to explore. Call of Cthulhu‘s IP is the perfect platform for these stories.

Call of Cthulhu as a series would essentially be a much darker version of X files. Eldritch horrors are very real, and there’s not so much “winning” as surviving the terrors they face. The 1920s is the perfect backdrop for the adaptation, and if there was ever a time for the world to go crazy, then it would be.

Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire: The Masquerade is a setting in desperate need of a movie or series to its name. Its rich lore, seedy setting, and intriguing character drama are perfect for storytelling. In fact, he got a very short-lived adaptation on Fox called Kindred: The Embrace. The show focused on the political intrigue between the clans as they struggled to battle the Beast within.

However, the series came to an abrupt end after only 8 episodes. With the death of lead actor Mark Frankel in 1996, there was no hope for a revival. However, as shown What we do in the shadows prove that there is a huge market for vampires these days. A serious game of thrones-A style show about vampire politics would be amazing to do with today’s technology.

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