10 Isekai Anime To Watch If You Want To Get Into Isekai Anime

The field of Japanese animation is made up of not only classic literary genres, like drama and horror, but also unofficial genres like high school and especially isekai. Series like these tend to follow the same basic formula or premise, and as of the 2010s, the isekai subgenre has become well established.

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Most anime fans have at least heard of isekai, even if they haven’t watched an isekai anime series yet. It’s a great time to start, given that the genre is becoming more creative and diverse than ever. Some isekai series are forgettable or even cliché, but others are true standouts that every anime fan should try at least once. New isekai fans are encouraged to sample a variety of isekai anime titles to see what this unofficial genre is truly capable of.

ten This time I got reincarnated as a slime, I respect conventions well

On paper, the popular series This time I got reincarnated as a Slime might sound pretty generic or cliché, but in practice, it ranks among the best isekai titles as a must-watch. Vase may follow many conventions, but it does them so well that fans will hardly notice. And it also has some twists to offer.

Vase features famous OP hero Rimuru Tempest, a magical slime who doesn’t fight for himself but to build a peaceful new kingdom where all monsters are welcome. It’s a constructive and inspiring thing to see, and Rimuru will make many new friends who will gladly thank him by helping to build his new town.

9 Dr. Stone is Edutainment Isekai

Usually isekai anime involves the hero dying and being reborn in a fantasy world or ending up in their favorite MMORPG title, but the hit series Dr Stone expands the definition of isekai a bit while remaining true to its core ideas. After a wave of energy turns all of humanity to stone, it’s up to Senku Ishigami to rebuild human civilization from the ground up.

It’s 3,700 years in the future, and Senku is practically alone in a new Stone Age where everyone is still petrified, but Senku won’t give up. He will work with the natives of this bizarre future to reinvent humanity’s best technology to revive all petrified people and build a better future.

8 My Next Life as a Villainess depicts a reborn bad girl

Most isekai titles are based on action and adventure, but not all. The shojo demographic also has shares in the isekai genre, especially the popular title My Next Life as a Villainess: All Roads Lead to Death!. Instead of monstrous magic or science experiments, villainous Katarina Claes relies on the power of love and friendship.

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The rebirth of Katarina Claes is a reformed villain who must make sure everyone is happy and best friends so the otome story doesn’t end. If the story ends, Katarina is doomed, hence the title of the series. Oddly enough, this new Katarina is kind and cunning but also incredibly dense, hence her nickname “Bakarina”.

7 Trapped in a Dating Simulator, Otome Sci-Fi Isekai

Most isekai titles stick to one literary genre, with wickedness be a shojo romance while Vase is a fantastic action. Meanwhile, the new title Trapped in a dating simulator actually bends sci-fi with an otome game romance to create something entirely new, a challenge no isekai protagonist has faced before.

Leon Bartfort is a third son, which means he has a low social status in this female-dominated world. Nonetheless, Leon will do his best to navigate his school’s vicious social jungle while battling mechs or racing on hoverbikes, while building crucial gaming relationships with girls like Angelica Redgrave and Olivia.

6 No Game No Life is the definitive title of Isekai game

No game no life still hasn’t gotten the second season that fans have been yearning for, but that shouldn’t put off new fans who want to give it a try. It’s one of the most popular “trapped in a game world” isekai titles, featuring the game-loving brother/sister duo known as Blank.

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Blank found himself in a game world where bloodless games replaced war, so Blank must participate in chess and many other games to survive. Luckily for the Blank duo, any game is a breeze, even when the odds are against them. They were born ready for this isekai world.

5 Overlord is a Cool Villain Isekai Series

Suzerain is a popular isekai title that also involves the hero being trapped in a game world that eventually becomes their new everyday reality. In this case, the hero has been playing an advanced MMORPG as a skeleton wizard character, but now he’s stuck like that and has to make the most of his new life.

Now passing through Ainz Ooal Gown, the hero must battle his own inner darkness as he embraces his role as the world’s most brutal overlord, complete with his own fortress and platoon of monster minions. Most loyal of all is the white-clad succubus Albedo, who is absolutely obsessed with her skeleton overlord.

4 Re:Zero: Starting a life in another world is intense but great fun

Re: zero has a well-deserved reputation in the anime world, and it recently got its highly anticipated second season of isekai fun. The hero is Subaru Natsuki, a tracksuit-wearing NEET who teleported to a fantasy realm one night while visiting the convenience store.

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Subaru doesn’t have Rimuru’s OP magic or Ainz’s minions. Instead, he only has his mind and the bizarre ability to resurrect at the last checkpoint if he perishes. With the stressful ability to come back to life, Subaru must forge vital friendships and battle his many enemies, including witch cults and even a flying whale.

3 Konosuba is a beloved Isekai parody anime

Although Konosuba is actually a satire of the isekai subgenre, it can still serve as a good first taste of what isekai is. This humorous and thrilling anime stars NEET anti-hero Kazuma Sato, an obnoxious but smart boy who must somehow make a living with his band of wacky heroes.

Konosuba has it all – a hero trying to outsmart the system, beloved explosion witch Megumin, colorful monsters and magic, lots of humor and, for those interested, more than a little fanservice too. Konosuba also has a feature film, Legend of the Crimson.

2 The Rising Of The Shield Hero is action fantasy

The Rise of the Shield Hero is a dark and gripping isekai series where things go wrong more often than they go right. The hero is Naofumi Iwatani, the shield-carrying hero who suffered greatly when he was falsely accused of a crime and left to fend for himself. But this scrappy underdog quickly created his own party and still succeeded.

Naofumi and the other cardinal heroes must fight back against waves of world-destroying monsters, but there may be more to it. Special heroes from other worlds are soon arriving with their own agendas, and Naofumi might even visit these other realms to fight for peace. It’s like an isekai in an isekai.

1 Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun! Is ideal for Disney fans

The happy isekai title Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun! looks more like Disney than most fantasy anime titles, and that should make it more accessible to new isekai fans or even new anime fans in general. It’s not the best isekai title out there, but Iruma-Kun! still worth a visit.

The story centers on kind protagonist Iruma Suzuki, a helpful boy whose selfish parents sold him to the demon lord Sullivan for money. Luckily for Iruma, Lord Sullivan is a better parent than Iruma’s real parents, and Sullivan even disguised Iruma as a demon and sent him to the local demon-only school, Babyls, where the adventure begins.

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