10 Hated Comic Anime That Deserve A Second Chance

Comedy is one of the most distinctive, diverse, and popular anime genres. The fast-paced, over-the-top style of humor prevalent in anime often includes referential jokes, absurd storylines, and inventive sight gags. Fans love comic anime for its variety and uniqueness. Some of the medium’s most universally beloved series, such as Gintama, Konosubaand The daily life of high school studentsfall into this category, combining impressive ratings and irresistible admiration from the community.

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However, comedy is also a divisive genre because no two people can share the same sense of humor. As a result, some comedy shows never reach their audience, becoming notoriously hated, sometimes wrongly so. While you won’t find these unpopular comedies on many top ten lists, they might deserve another shot because these series are much better than public opinion makes them out to be.

ten Lucky Star is an underrated icon of late 2000s Otaku comedy

Good star is a revealing show of its time, steeped in the culture and essence of 2000s anime. On paper, there’s hardly anything significant about this series, making it an unlikely show to enjoy. for new fans.

Good star barely has a plot, second only to the daily shenanigans of a group of high school friends. Still, Good star was a compelling, ridiculous, and charming portrayal of 2007 otaku culture for the generation that watched it on air. Many aspects of Lucky Star’s the allure still holds today, making it a perfect show for those who want to peek into the anime landscape’s past.

9 Space Battleship Tiramisu is a compelling satire of the Mecha genre

Despite being one of the most quirky and consistently hilarious anime shorts of its year, 2018’s mecha slice-of-life Space Battleship Tiramisu didn’t have much of an impact on the community. Hardly anyone gave it the time of day, and many who watched it ended up not liking the show.

However, the absurd skits about Subaru Ichinose’s life as an Earth Union ace pilot are one of the most inventive satirical take on the mecha genre, playing with sci-fi clichés, character archetypes mecha and the overwhelming seriousness of space operas. in general.

8 OreImo kicked off Imouto’s boom in comic anime

Imouto, or little sister anime, is a controversial subgenre, despised by many for its questionable themes and character dynamics. Most comedies and slice-of-life shows about sibling relationships feature uncomfortable romantic undertones, which understandably turns off a lot of people.

OreImo is one of the most notorious shows in the imouto category, but many refuse to give this show a chance just because of its reputation. However, OreImo didn’t gain so many fans for being mediocre. While it has its fair share of legitimate haters, this series is a blast of hilarious comedy and charming character moments.

seven Shimoneta defies dystopian genre conventions

Grim and cruel dystopian futures exist all over anime, but they rarely become the setting for a comedy series. However, Shimoneta: a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes does not exist took this contradiction as a challenge, creating a dystopia perfectly summed up in its title.

In the center of Shimoneta is the story of SOX, an organization that stands up against sexual repression. The show’s inventive raw humor was by Shimoneta greatest strength and most important point of criticism, as many people found its vulgarity a bit too exaggerated.

6 K-On is not just a boring and unrealistic slice of life

Cute shows about school club members hanging out and engaging in all activities except the goal of their designated club have become a genre of their own in anime. Many anime fans find this repetitive trope annoying. And, being the perfect representation of an overplayed cliché on the surface, K-On is often criticized for being boring and not funny.

Unlike most similar titles, K-On manages to create authentic and heartwarming characters that carry the series’ otherwise unoriginal premise. And on top of that, it features some of the best musical anime ever produced.

5 WataMote pokes fun at its protagonist’s social anxiety

WataMote: No matter how I see it, it’s your fault that I’m unpopular! is a mouthful of a title, but the premise of this series is quite simple. After years of being an introverted and socially inept shut-in, Tomoko Kuroki finally decides to put herself forward in her freshman year of high school.

Unfortunately, Tomoko’s crippling social anxiety turns out to be much worse than expected, resulting in some of the most awkward moments of second-hand embarrassment ever to appear on screen. WataMote can get excruciatingly painful to watch, but seeing Tomoko challenge herself is both endearing and hilarious.

4 The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Overexaggerates Redundant Tropes For Comedic EffectAnos smiling The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

With the rise of isekai anime, the fantasy genre experienced a new revival, entering a golden age of popularity. Unfortunately, the setting’s rapid growth in notoriety has contributed to audiences becoming fed up with the same overused cliches and overpowered protagonists.

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At first glance, The Misfit of Demon King Academy is just like every other action fantasy anime, featuring another reincarnated almighty dark lord. However, this show’s true potential lies in its comedic take on overplayed tropes, taking its antihero’s limitless powers to hilarious extremes.

3 Pop Team Epic is the pinnacle of absurdist comedy

Anime is a medium of endless creativity, capable of surprising even the most seasoned fans. However, more experimental series don’t always land with all viewers, making them difficult to understand, recommend, and enjoy. Pop Team Epic is an absurd, unfiltered comic explosion that disregards all existing genre conventions.

Popuko and Pipimi’s adventures are filled with obscure references, surreal humor, over-the-top grossness, and things that are hard to describe. Yet, somehow, Pop Team Epic created a unique, fascinating and hilarious narrative amidst a chaos of chance and madness.

2 LOVE-Ru shouldn’t be degraded into a mindless fan service harem

Fan service is not an aspect of anime culture that appeals to all fans and, when done poorly, can even drive the audience out of the story, completely ruining the experience. Due to the prevalence of poorly executed fan service, shows that feature it heavily are often criticized and deemed tasteless.

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The TO LOVE-Ru The franchise is a shining example of an incredibly engaging and hilarious series being overlooked for its fanservice elements. However, this harem series is anything but silly or unoriginal and has plenty to offer even those who usually oppose the genre, including brilliant humor.

1 Himuto! Umaru-Chan isn’t as obnoxious as most people think

Himuto! Umaru-chan is one of the most universally hated animated comedies of all time. Most people see Umaru Doma herself as the source of their hatred, a perfect high school girl who turns into a lazy, irresponsible, obnoxious, snack-eating chibi monster when she returns home and drops her facade.

Most viewers drop out of the series after its first half, oblivious to the fact that the sequel to the series diverges from its roots, focusing on the more complex social aspects of Umaru’s life and making her a much more character. convincing and likeable.

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