10 Boldest Shojo Anime, Ranked

When it comes to shojo anime or manga, most people assume that it will be filled with romance and more of a slice-of-life aspect. As the shojo genre is aimed at teenagers, it’s clear to see why shojo anime would contain these types of themes instead of darker ones.

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However, this is not always the case. Some shojo anime may look cute and upbeat, but they may have a certain darkness that you don’t expect. Although it’s not very common, there are some interesting shojo anime series that have many psychological, horror, or edgy themes that are worth watching, especially if fans like some variation of the shojo genre.

ten Ichika meets a girl in a mirror and takes on a mission she may not be ready for (Uta Kata)

Uta Kata is a psychological fantasy and drama anime that contains the magical girl theme. Ichika discovers a mysterious mirror in an old building at her school. From inside, Manatsu asks Ichika to do her “work” for her. In exchange, she returns Ichika’s lost cell phone. Manatsu also allows him to borrow the power of the twelve Djinns who watch over the world through phone charms. As Ichika attempts to complete her task and harness the powers she has access to, she learns that it comes at a high cost.

9 Kohinata Mangetsu was an ordinary girl when she was thrown into a world of mechanical dolls (Granbelm)


Granbelm is an action-packed sci-fi anime series filled with mecha dolls. 1000 years ago, the magic disappeared from from Granbelm world and people have almost forgotten about it. Kohinata Mangetsu is an ordinary high school girl who has nothing to say and isn’t particularly good at school or sports.

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Despite this, she always tries to stay positive. On the night of the full moon, she meets a girl named Shingetsu Ernesta Fukami and enters a world filled with powerful mechanical dolls called “ARMANOX”.

8 Twins are born in a time when a savior is needed (The Legend of Basara)

The legend of Basara

The legend of Basara may be an older action-adventure anime series, but it’s still worth watching. Set in ancient medieval Japan, the country’s citizens are oppressed and abused by the Emperor and the rest of the royal family. There was no hope until a prophet named Nagi proclaimed that a child, who would be born on a specific day, would be their savior.

That day, twins are born. The boy, Tatara, was raised to be their savior. Sarasa, the other twin, endures a life full of heartache and pain. The legend of Basara follows his story and his unwavering strength despite the circumstances.

7 Mai Taniyama helps solve paranormal cases while discovering her own set of abilities (Ghost Hunt)

Ghost Hand behind Mai in Ghost Hunt anime

ghost hunting is a supernatural horror anime about a young girl named Mai Taniyama. She’s a high school girl who loves telling ghost stories with her friends. When she meets Shibuya’s head of psychic research, Kazuya Shibuya, she decides to go with him to investigate a haunted school building. After working with him, she eventually becomes his assistant.

Along with a band of other hunters, they work together to uncover a series of mysterious cases. In doing so, Mai discovers that she has her own set of abilities. ghost hunting is a great anime for those who love the tv show Supernatural and don’t mind anything a little scary.

6 Sixteen magical girls must fight for their lives in a deadly game (Magical Girl Raising Project)

Anime Magical Girl Raising Project Death

Magical Girl Raising Project is a dark fantasy anime with magical girls. In this anime, Magical Girl Raising Project is a social networking game that gives players a 1 in 10,000 chance of becoming an actual Magical Girl with unique magical abilities. Their role as magical girls is to help people.

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Fav, the magical administrator fairy, decides to halve the population of magical girls for no apparent reason. As a result, the game changes quickly. Sixteen magical girls must now fight against each other while trying to survive the dark battlefield they were forced onto.

5 Akari uses her tarot card to battle evil spirits and the monsters they create (Day Break Illusion)

dawn illusion

dawn illusion is a dark, fantasy, and horror anime series that received mixed reviews. Akari is a skilled fortune teller with an incredible green thumb. After the tragedy, she learns that there are evil spirits known as Daemonia.

These spirits infect people’s hearts and grant wishes in exchange for a contract. Once a wish has been granted, these humans transform into monsters. Only those who wield the elemental tarot can stop them. As Akari wields the Sun card, she must join them and put an end to these monsters, whatever the cost.

4 Yakumo uses his psychic abilities to help solve crimes (Psychic Detective Yakumo)

psychic detective Yakumo anime

Psychic Detective Yakumo is a supernatural mystery anime that follows the journey of a young man named Saitou Yakumo. Yakumo has a special gift, he can see and communicate with the souls of the dead. When he’s not playing tricks on his classmates, he works with the police to deal with supernatural cases.

In doing so, however, he becomes the target of an evil duo. It’s up to Yakumo to figure out their plans or risk falling into a world of darkness and anger.

3 Three young men must escort criminals to an inescapable prison (laughs under the clouds)

Anime Laughing Under the Clouds Brothers

Laugh under the clouds is a supernatural action anime set in feudal Japan. During the Meiji era, swords became illegal. As this was not well received, violence and chaos ensued across the country. To fight against the rise in violence, a lakeside prison was built, which was said to be unavoidable.

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Three young men are tasked with delivering criminals to prison. However, there is more to their work than meets the eye. Despite being a shojo anime, Laugh under the clouds is filled with violence, death and betrayal.

2 Yuki falls into a world filled with the supernatural (Betrayal knows my name)

betrayal knows my name

Betrayal knows my name is a BL fantasy anime filled with demons, violence, and the supernatural. In Betrayal knows my name, Yuki was abandoned outside an orphanage as a baby with no idea who he was. Now a high school student, he’s plagued by terrible dreams, death threats, and the ability to see the negativity in someone’s heart.

When he is rescued by a man named Zess and meets his long-lost half-brother, he is thrown into a world where he must learn to use his powers. Yuki must survive against an evil that lurks in the shadows.

1 Madoka makes a deal to become a magical girl (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Magical Girls at Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a dark magical girl anime which is very different from other magical girl anime. Madoka has a terrible nightmare that comes true when she meets the girl of her dreams. The girl, Homura, warns Madoka to stay exactly as she is.

Madoka doesn’t listen and makes a deal with a cute creature known as Kyubey. In exchange for magical powers and a granted wish, she must fight evil witches. However, there is more to this situation and being a magical girl than Madoka realizes.

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