10 Best Naruto Filler Villains, Ranked

Filler episodes and long-running anime arcs, such as Bleach and Detective Conan (the latter of which surpassed the 1,000 episode mark in 2021 with the help of hundreds of filler episodes), often gets bad press. They are derided as uninteresting, unanimated or scripted as well as canon material, and worse, an unnecessary distraction from the more exciting main story.

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However, there are many examples of naruto filler episodes that don’t deserve the hate in both the original series and Naruto Shippuden, and plenty of villains to make these anime-only arcs shine. Whether they’re sneaky and sadistic like Mizuki or likable like Guren, they can back up some of the main series villains.

ten Yakumo Kurama

Yakumo Kurama's alternate personality manifests as a demonic entity in his art in Naruto

Or, more specifically, Yakumo’s identity. The short filler arc in which she appears gives a glimpse of Kurenai, one of the naruto characters that never lived up to their potential. Kurenai was once brought in to train Yakumo, who had no ninjutsu or taijutsu abilities but could produce extremely powerful genjutsu.

When Kurenai abandoned her, she sealed off Yakumo’s powers to prevent him from identifying himself. a monstrous physical presence – to seize his body. The id breaks the seal and goes on a rampage with illusions powerful enough to wreak havoc in the real world. For example, in the episode “Kurenai’s Decision: Team 8 Left Behind”, she is able to bring down lightning on the Leaf Village simply by painting a picture of it.

9 Arashi

A transformed Arashi is prevented from attacking by Sasame in Naruto.

In the Land of Rice Fields investigation arc, while searching for Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura encounter a girl named Sasame. Sasame seeks to rescue his missing cousin Arashi, who went to Orochimaru in hopes of reviving their clan. But when they discover “Orochimaru” in his hideout, it is revealed that he really is Arashi in disguise.

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To restore their clan to its former glory, Arashi killed and absorbed his clan mates using the curse mark Orochimaru gave him. Now horribly transformed, he puts Naruto and Sakura in a truly brutal fight, but dies when the underground hideout is destroyed. In a final act of redemption, he throws Sasame from the collapsing lair, saving his cousin’s life.


8 Hoki

Hoki smiles and crosses his arms in Naruto.

The Cursed Warrior Extermination arc focuses on the Land of Birds’ new daimyo, Sagi, who mourns her late father and twin sister. The mission of Naruto, Neji and Tenten is to solve the mystery of the spectral cursed warrior who terrorizes the territory. They are hampered by Mousou, the daimyo’s advisor, who attempts to frame an innocent man for the attacks and have Naruto executed for investigating the palace.

Mousou’s true identity is Hoki, leader of the Watari group of rogue ninja. He used genjutsu to pretend he had powers to earn a place next to the former daimyo, then murdered him and one of his children in order to take over the country. The climactic battle between him and Naruto pits each shinobi’s trademark clone techniques against each other.

7 mizuki

Mizuki, transformed into a tiger monster, grabs and throws Naruto into Naruto.

Technically, Mizuki was the very first villain Naruto had ever encountered. After being imprisoned for trying to steal the village’s secrets and murdering Iruka and Naruto in the process, he spent his time training and harboring a grudge. In the episode “The Three Villains of Maximum Security Prison”, he bursts out for revenge.

Despite his massive ego, Mizuki proves to be even less up to Naruto now that the boy is trained and experienced as a ninja. He takes a drug given to him by Orochimaru that turns him into a hulking tiger-like monster, but although the drug maximizes his physical strength, it makes him painfully slow, allowing Naruto and Iruka to take him down with a combined attack.

6 Mecha-Naruto

Although he doesn’t quite have the same abilities as Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs. Kong, Naruto must indeed fight a robotic double of himself in the episode “Naruto against Mecha-Naruto”. An experiment in sentience accidentally given to Orochimaru by a misplaced lightning bolt, Mecha-Naruto tracks down the real Naruto in order to steal the Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra.

Naruto tries to fend off Mecha-Naruto as he descends on the Leaf Village, but even with the help of his friends, the robot is unstoppable. He drains almost all of Naruto’s Kyūbi chakra, but once his programming is changed, he decides to befriend him instead. He armors Naruto with his own body, just in time to help him fight Orochimaru’s other new experiment: Mecha-Nine-Tails.

5 Kazuma

Kazuma raises his staff to launch an attack at Naruto.

In the Twelve Guardian Ninja arc, Naruto befriends a young monk named Sora who is also hated by his people due to a destructive power within him. Sora wants to avenge his murdered father Kazuma. He trains with the Leaf Village ninja and helps them fight off the rogue ninja team attacking the Fire Temple, led by the mysterious Furido.

It turns out Furido is really Kazuma, who is believed to have been killed after attempting to assassinate the Fire Daimyo. He wants to destroy Leaf Village to unite Tierra del Fuego under one king. He’s willing to do anything to achieve this, including killing his former comrades and implanting the remnants of Nine-Tails’ chakra into his own son to weaponize him, technically including Sora on the jinchuuriki list in Naruto.

4 Raiga and Ranmaru

Raiga carries Ranmaru on his shoulder in Naruto.

As a former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and Anbu Black Ops, Raiga is quite intimidating on his own. He and the crime family he has assembled take over the Katabami Gold Mine and control its people by burying anyone who opposes it alive. Raiga is wildly excited every time he organizes these “burials”.

However, the source of Raiga’s genjutsu is actually Ranmaru, a frail boy whom Raiga carries on his back. Ranmaru uses his extrasensory visual jutsu to help Raiga, and Raiga protects Ranmaru and shows him the outside world. It’s not Zabuza and Haku, but it’s a powerful duo that rightfully takes care of each other.

3 Akahoshi

A smiling Akahoshi builds his chakra for an attack on Naruto.

The Hidden Star Village formed around a radioactive meteorite. With a special training method, the shinobi can harness their power to enhance their chakra, but at the cost of dying from radiation poisoning. The method was banned, but upon becoming a Hoshikage, Akahoshi made it compulsory for the village youth.

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Fueled entirely by arrogance and greed, Akahoshi doesn’t care how many of his people must die if there is a chance of becoming superior to the five main villages. He murders several of them himself, including the previous Hoshikage, and when cornered, implants the meteorite in his own chest to power himself up, oblivious to the damage it might do.

2 Aoi Rokusho

Aoi smiled sadistically at Naruto.

In the Land of Tea Escort Mission arc, Team 7 must protect Idate Morino as he participates in a running race to settle a dispute between rival clans. Shinobi protection is badly needed: Idate’s adversaries have hired one of the smartest naruto villains, Aoi Rokusho, to assassinate him. Aoi’s stolen weapon, Sword of the Thunder God, is powerful enough to defeat even Sasuke’s Chidori.

Prideful and sadistic, Aoi is also a very personal villain to Idate: his manipulations were the reason Idate fled the Leaf Village as a child, leaving Idate estranged from his brother Ibiki and with intense shame and trust issues. . While trying to kill Idate, Aoi relentlessly taunts him about how he once trusted her and how scared Idate is of him still.

1 Guren

Guren stands in front of the crystal enveloping Hinata in Naruto Shippuden

naruto is well known for its likable and even tragic villains, so even its filler characters have several emotional moments. Guren is fiercely loyal to Orochimaru, one of the baddest. naruto wicked, to the point that she killed a woman who had helped her because her master had ordered it. Much to his horror, she was too late to become his next vessel and was tasked with escorting a boy named Yuukimaru to him to use in his experiments instead.

Although he is happily ruthless in battle, Guren comes to deal with Yuukimaru and wants to protect him. Especially after learning that the woman she killed was her mother, she is ready to turn on Orochimaru for him. Using her incredibly powerful crystallization jutsu, she freezes herself and a reanimated Rinji into crystals to prevent him from harming Yuukimaru. She is later saved by Gozu, but her devotion is proven.

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