10 anime villains who try to avoid conflict at all costs

Not all bad guys are there to prove their superiority. While fans appreciate a villain eager to prove how strong they are, there are many who don’t like to draw attention to themselves. Unlike a Cell or Toguro, these villains avoid fighting unless they absolutely have to.

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Some rely on avoiding being noticed by anyone who wants to confront them. They have people fighting for them and trying to stay under the radar. At least they stay under the radar until they’ve achieved their goals, and then it’s too late for anyone to stop them.

ten Naraku continued to create clones to avoid fighting anyone (Inuyasha)

Naraku could fight in Inuyasha, but that he never seemed interested in fighting for very long. No matter what he did, he was always about to run away. Whenever someone fought him, it was always a clone of him that he had installed while he was doing other things. On some level, it was admirable to have that level of dedication to not want to fight. Most of the villains would have lost their temper, fighting seriously to finish off their enemies.

9 Rustal Elion took down the protagonists without ever piloting a mecha (Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)

Rustal Elion might not even be able to fly a mobile suit, but that was not his goal. His goal was to keep his power and keep Gjallarhorn on top. He was the leader of Arianrhod’s fleet and his talents off the field were what few Gundam antagonists could do. At the end of Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans, Rustal destroys Tekkadan without touching a mobile suit or mobile armor. His political maneuvers allow him to completely annihilate the group, while maintaining control over Gjallarhorn. This gave the organization more power than it had before Tekkadan challenged them.

8 Muzan sends his minions rather than fight (Demon Slayer)

Muzan turns around with a black look

If Muzan was interested in the fight, he would have killed Tanjiro in the early episodes of Demon slayer. Tanjiro was able to track him down using only his scent, and Muzan simply ignored him and distracted everyone by creating a new demon. Muzan’s objectives are not about direct conflict, and he never attacks the Demon Slayers himself. Muzan always sends someone else to do the job, no matter how infuriated a person is.

seven Light Yagami’s goal is to rule through fear (Death Note)

Light Yagami from Death Note

Light Yagami has no interest in fighting in Death threat. His objective is to use the Death Note to prevent someone from approaching him. Death threat is about people who don’t even know who he is, with him having a different identity who is responsible for taking out enemies.

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Unlike most shonen, Death threatBattles are over on which side is the smarter. They have a psychological advantage, instead of focusing on the strongest or fastest person.

6 Sakyo funds Toguro Team and Dark Tournament (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Sakyo was behind the formation of the Dark Tournament, funding a lot and betting on matches. He won millions, but he couldn’t fight and he didn’t try. Making himself the fifth member of the Toguro team of Yu Yu Hakusho, he risked it all by saying that if they could beat Toguro, he would forfeit – and make Team Toguro the losing team. Sakyo was a man of his word, accepting defeat once Yusuke proved he was capable of beating Toguro for good. He didn’t even try to hire someone to fight for him.

5 Schneizel leads from the background (Code Geass)

Schneizal, Code Geass

In Code Geass, how commanders led their troops was just as important as having talented pilots and a superior army. While Lelouch believed he had to be on the pitch to lead, that strategy didn’t fit the way Schneizel was running things. Schneizel did not want to fight at all, believing instead that a true leader was able to command without being on the battlefield.

While that might not be entirely true, he was a threat to Lelouch for some time. Even when Schneizel went to the battlefield, it was in a weapon meant to end the conflict completely.

4 Yoshikage Kira doesn’t want anyone to know he exists (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

Yoshikage kira eating

Yoshikage Kira was the main villain of The diamond is unbreakable, but it was hard for the fans to say. He wasn’t a flashy person, the last thing he wanted was anyone to notice him.

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He wanted to be an employee who didn’t stand out. Without his serial killer habits, Yoshikage might have figured this out. He went to great lengths to try to avoid being noticed, even going so far as to have his face completely redesigned so the heroes couldn’t recognize him.

3 Aizen tried to avoid being noticed (bleach)

Sosuke Aizen

It can be easy to assume that Aizen enjoys fighting because he has found himself in conflict so often in Bleach. But, Aizen hadn’t expected anyone to find out what he was doing until he had already done so. Even the power of his Zanpakuto is based on forcing people to see what he wants them to see, leaving them unable to do anything about him until it’s too late. Aizen managed to orchestrate the Central 46 murder without anyone realizing it was him. Without Ichigo’s presence, Aizen probably would have been able to achieve his goals without fighting anyone.

2 Father sent his homunculi while assembling his plans (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

red father shining eyes fullmetal alchemist

Father’s purpose was to take the place of Truth, and he spent centuries manipulating that behind the scenes. He annihilates the continent of Xerxes, effectively responsible for the creation of Amestris. Father never thought of fighting anyone, especially when there were so many people ready to fight for him. The homunculi he created were often willing to do whatever he asked for, meaning most people didn’t even know Father existed. By the time anyone had the slightest idea who he was, his plan was not only in motion, but almost done.

1 Emperor Pilaf has given up on the Dragon Ball chase as more violent villains appear (Dragon Ball)

Anime Dragon Ball Episode 1 Emperor Pilaf Shu Mai Find Dragon Ball

Dragon ballThe first villain wasn’t so much about conflict as the series was still focused on comedy. Emperor Pilaf didn’t want to fight, and he couldn’t fight. His skill was to give orders to other people, like his assistants Mai and Shu. Their goals were not to fight, but to steal all the Dragon Balls, making a wish where he could become the ruler of the world. It is an intelligent wish which would make it possible to continue to fight to the minimum. Sadly, the people who were looking for the Dragon Balls weren’t as nice as Pilaf and his team.

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