10 Anime Characters Who Managed To Change Their Fates

The concept of fate and destiny are common tropes in media and anime is no exception. The adventures of some characters begin in order to fulfill their predestined destiny, while others will do everything possible to prevent it.

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From fatal apocalypses to predicted personal futures, it’s common for anime characters to fight fate, perhaps to keep the planet safe or prove others wrong about who they believe a character is. will become. Many anime characters have fought and managed to change their destiny.

ten Naruto proves that fate has no hold on him (Naruto)

Prophecies and the concept of fate have been seen in the naruto universe. The Leaf Village believed that Naruto was destined to be a loser or destroy the village because he was the Jinchuriki. However, fate is no match for Naruto.

Determined to become Hokage and prove everyone wrong, Naruto continually struggled against fate. He even proved that fate cannot determine a person’s actions or who they will be by beating Neji in the Chunin Exams.

9 Ahiru fights against her fate at the hands of Drosselmeyer (Princess Tutu)

Princess Tutu Anime Ahiru As Tutu

Living in a storybook world set in motion by Drosselmeyer, Ahiru is a duck who can transform into Princess Tutu in order to retrieve the prince’s heart. Ahiru is initially grateful and satisfied with her role until she learns that Drosselmeyer is a fan of tragic stories and that this story won’t end with her friends’ happiness.

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With Fakir’s help, Ahiru is able to change Drosselmeyer’s story to a happier one. It might not have been the ending they imagined, but Ahiru was happy to be able to change their fate for the better.

8 Simon changes the destiny of mankind (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Gurren Lagann Simon

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann features a future where humans are forced to live in underground villages and at the mercy of the Spiral King and his Beastmen, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that Simon and his friends are fighting against their fate .

In order to secure not only a future on the surface but a future where they can all live happily ever after, Simon and his comrades use a Core Drill to activate the mechs called Gunmen and fight against their oppressors. The battle was not easy and required heavy sacrifices, but Simon is able to change his destiny and that of all humans for the better.

seven Natsu and Lucy change Fiore’s fate (Fairy Tail)


When friends from the future arrive with bad news about what’s to come Fairy tale, Natsu and Lucy are determined to change their fates. The concept of fate is brought up by Future Rogue, who is convinced that Lucy is destined to close the Eclipse Gate and instill the dragon apocalypse.

Future Rogue even attempts to kill Lucy to prevent her from fulfilling this prophecy. However, Lucy is able to survive, and Natsu is determined to not only defeat Future Rogue, but to burn that fate to ashes as well. Luckily, they are able to defeat Snape and his dragons and avoid the horrible future Lucy was meant to endure.

6 Mitsuha and Taki change the fate of Itomori (your name)

Mitsuha and Taki of your name

If swapping bodies wasn’t enough for Taki and Mitsuha in your name, they also discover that Mitsuha and her town are destined to die from a comet. Taki, having realized he is from a future where Mitsuha died three years ago, will do whatever he can to save Itomori.

Luckily, the pair manage to switch bodies once more and come up with a plan to avoid the tragic future that Taki hailed from. Despite various difficulties trying to get everyone to safety, Mitsuha and her friends manage to avoid the worst possible outcome.

5 Meliodas and Elizabeth fight to change their tragic destiny (The Seven Deadly Sins)

With a Romeo and Juliet romance, the story of Elizabeth and Meliodas ends in a similar tragedy. Meliodas is doomed to live forever and forced to find Elizabeth before losing her again. Elizabeth, meanwhile, is cursed to be reincarnated without her lover’s memories and to die three days after recovering them.

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After enduring so much tragedy, it’s no surprise to learn that these two will do whatever they can to change each other’s fates. Luckily, with the help of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas and Elizabeth were able to break their curses and get a happy ending.

4 Kyo is able to change the cat’s cruel fate (fruit basket)

kyo sohma looking at her pearls in a fruit basket

Like the mismatch of the zodiac in Fruit basket, all members of the Cat zodiac are treated as monsters and are even forced into confinement on the Sohma property. Wanting to challenge the fate that awaits him as a cat, Kyo makes a deal with Akito to avoid confinement in the cat’s room. Kyo soon encounters Tohru while trying to change her destiny, which helps her learn to appreciate life. By falling in love, tasting the freedom of a normal life and the general weakening of the curse of the zodiac, Kyo manages to forge his own path.

3 Katarina Avoids Death Flags (My Next Life as a Villainess)

Katarina Claes smiling

As the original antagonist of the fictional otome game fortune lover in My next life as a villain, Katarina Claes is destined to bully the heroine and have a bad ending. When Katarina regains the memories of her past life as well as her original personality, she will do everything to avoid the bad end that awaits her.

Luckily, Katarina’s silly schemes to keep her safe not only allow her to avoid her death flags, but also create a future that wasn’t possible in the original storyline. Katarina was able to avoid her tragic end and face a new future with her friends by her side.

2 Asta Proves He Can Become A Magic Knight (Black Clover)

Asta in Black Clover Episode 170 final scene

Born without any magic in black clover, Asta is destined to be absolutely nothing in a world where magical power is everything. However, despite the mockery of the villagers or the Magic Knights, Asta will not accept this fate.

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Through hard work and determination, the boy without any magic was not only able to obtain a grimoire, but also join a team of magic knights himself. Asta’s dream of becoming the Wizard King might not be too far off after all.

1 Satoru changes the fate of his friends (deleted)

Having already known a future where his childhood friends were kidnapped and killed in Deletedit may still surprise fans when Satoru finds himself in the past determined to change their fates.

Despite the various challenges presented to him, including his young age and status as a time traveler, Satoru is able to prevent their deaths. Fortunately, he manages to stop the kidnapper and save his friends from their doomed future.

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