10 90s Anime Every Anime Fan Should Watch At Least Once

There’s never been a better time to be an anime fan. The versatile medium of animation is full of creative and subversive stories that increasingly push boundaries, but there are also some incredible programs that embrace gender stereotypes and more traditional ideas. Anime has set a new standard for what can be accomplished through animation.

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However, it’s always important to look back on the past and the influential series that have helped the anime industry evolve into what it is today. The 1990s were a decade full of groundbreaking and controversial anime series, which may not connect with everyone, but are still worth a try.

ten Serial Experiments Lain asks important questions that are even more relevant today

The kind of heavy, allegorical storytelling that is at play in Serial Experiments Lain is much more common in modern animated series, helping it stand out as one of the most striking series of the 90s. Lain is a young girl who gets lost in the digital world of The Wired, a prescient analogue of ‘Internet.

The anime elegantly explores the internet’s ability to foster false identities and how easy it is to get lost in these alternate characters. Serial Experiments Lain is ahead of its time, but its dark tone and the sacrificial role that Lying Adoptions aren’t for everyone, yet it’s a story worth exploring.

9 Flame Of Recca Is An Overlooked Shonen Explosion In The Past

The 1990s were full of huge shonen hits like Yu Yu Hakusho and dragonballbut Flame of Recca is a satisfying title that usually slips through the cracks and doesn’t receive the same acclaim.

Recca Hanabishi is heading down the path to becoming a legendary ninja, and he and his friends display entertaining supernatural powers that aid them in battle. Flame of Recca has the trappings of most shonen fighting series, like its focus on tournaments, but at just 42 episodes it’s considerably more distilled.

8 Ping-Pong Club is a silly and fearless teen comedy

Over-the-top gag anime can be hit or miss for audiences, especially those leaning into hormonal humor and more adult situations. It turns ping pong club, a lewd and absurd comedy from 1995, in a polarizing property worth at least one viewing. The anime centers on a group of college outcasts and their failed but hilarious attempts to appeal to the opposite sex.

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ping pong club has a vibe very similar to South Park, and those who love the series will have no problem watching all 26 episodes. It’s kind of surprising that this niche anime has an English dub, but that also makes it more accessible on some level.

7 Blue sex sheds light on a dark future where aliens rule

Some of the best anime series are the ones that blend different genres to better defy expectations. kind blue is a dark hybrid of sci-fi and horror that perfectly encapsulates changing sensibilities towards the end of the 1990s.

kind blue is a discouraged tale of man versus monster, but one that begins with humanity vastly outdated and with little recourse. Yuji Kaido wakes up in a shattered world he can’t remember, but he may be the key figure in the fight against the alien Blue. kind blue wastes no time with just 26 episodes, which also fit in a surprising amount of twists and turns.

6 Neon Genesis Evangelion is a gripping look at the end of the world that must be lived

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a true anime phenomenon that started in the 1990s but has kept its audience engaged for several decades. Shinji Ikari is a hyped teenager who learns he’s destined to be the pilot of a powerful mecha suit known as Evangelion. These destructive EVA units battle bizarre aliens known as Angels to prevent an apocalypse.

The action of the series is heart-pounding, but evangelization turns into a moody, surreal journey into the soul. Neon Genesis Evangelion is such a weird and one-of-a-kind experience that it should be mandatory. Even those who don’t usually watch anime decided to give Neon Genesis Evangelion a shot.

5 Gundam Wing is an agonizing take on Mecha Battle Action

the Mobile Suit Gundam The franchise is the biggest name in the mecha genre, and the property has taken some exciting risks over the years. Gundam Wing wasn’t the franchise’s most successful shoot in Japan, but it made waves in North America and helped open the floodgates for the giant robot series.

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Gundam Wing is removed from Universal Century’s central timeline and tells an easily digestible stand-alone story. gundam wingPolitical machinations and grandiose space wars are reminiscent of the past Gundam series, but it’s the brash teenage mobile pilots and their inspired mecha suits that give the anime its voice.

4 The Tenchi Muyo universe is an airy entry point for Harem Anime

The harem genre of anime is an acquired taste, but the connected Tenchi Muyo The universe spanned over two decades and proudly represented the romantic storytelling style of the 1990s. Tenchi is an unremarkable teenager who suddenly becomes obsessed with a group of aliens and space pirates.

The different Tenchi the series aren’t groundbreaking, but they’re a solid introduction to harem storytelling. There is also a welcome catharsis as Tenchi ages and makes important decisions in his life. Tenchi Muyo, or any of its offshoot series, must be seen at least once to understand what these types of shows are all about.

3 Every once in a while, here and there gives the Isekai genre a dark makeover

From time to time, here and there is a 13-episode anime from the late 1990s that is a dramatic change of pace from most isekai fantasy series. Shu, a young boy, is transported to a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland after standing up for a helpless girl.

This new world is full of child soldiers and dark revelations that challenge Shu and his perception of humanity. From time to time, here and there applies a mature approach to this fantasy adventure that helps it stand out from its peers.

2 Excel Saga is an aggressive comedy explosion where nothing is sacred

The Excel saga is sheer madness, and audiences will either completely love its frenetic pace and delirious sense of humor or be exhausted. The Excel saga brilliantly transforms each of its episodes into a perfect parody of different anime genres.

Whatever the circumstances, The Excel saga never struggles, and it’s a thrill to watch its main character, Excel, terrorize the world with her intense enthusiasm and energy. The Excel saga is the type of gag series that needs to be watched over and over to not miss a single joke. The Excel saga and its central character are provocative, but that’s why they’re so great.

1 Ranma ½ is a classic action-comedy hit that’s a 90s mixed bag

Ranma ½ is one of the biggest shonen titles of the early 1990s and a breakthrough hit in North America before localizations became the norm. There are over 150 episodes of the lighthearted mix of action, comedy, and romance. However, all of this hasn’t aged well due to some of its looser gender policies.

The narrative hook of Ranma ½ is that the characters transform into animals – or in Ranma’s case, he transforms into a girl – when exposed to cold water. The characters on the show are all such a delight and the comedy feels natural. The copious nudity and “fan service” might deter some, but Ranma ½ has good intentions.

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